There’s a lot going on. And I don’t mean that in a bad way, there’s just a lot I have to do and think about.

I talked to Bria on the phone for a couple of hours, and as usual, it was so good.  We always have really good conversations about faith, life, decisions. Y’all, I am truly blessed.

Then I had a small glass of wine with my mom, and got tweeted at by Bryce Avary aka THE ROCKET SUMMER, THE BAND I’VE BEEN RAVING TO YOU ALL ABOUT FOR WEEKS AT THIS POINT. HE IS AMAZING. LISTEN TO HIM. DO IT.

Anyways, I don’t really have much to say. Things on the blog have gone kind of slow because things in my life are moving fast, and I’m having to pay attention to those things before I can sit down and write something.

How about something super short, and a little lighthearted, yeah? I’ve been writing a lot about stress or anxiety or mental uneasiness, and I’m sorry about that.

This past weekend, I finished TWO journals completely. Even though I’m a writer, that’s a huge accomplishment for me. I briefly told you guys a couple of posts back how I can’t seem to get my writings and ideas in one place; they tend to just go on scrap pieces of paper, or whatever journal I have with me at the moment. So everything is pretty scattered.

But I filled up my prayer journal, and the hand-painted journal that one of my best friends Taylor gave to me on my twentieth birthday. It’s so bittersweet.

The prayer journal I began the summer of 2013, but I hadn’t written in it for like, three years, until I finally picked it back up this past summer. My prayer life was in need of a major tune-up, and Bria and I had previously talked about writing our prayers down, so I decided that was what I’d do this summer. And it just continued on until this past Saturday.

And, okay, yes, it’s got that cheesy “Keep Calm and Pray On” in the front of it, but hey, what better journal to use for prayers, amiright?


I was telling Bria how amazing it is to go back, and read some of the prayers I’d written down; some for myself and my situations, some for other people and their situations. And it’s cool to see how the Lord answered those prayers. I am in need of a new prayer journal now, because writing down my prayers has become such an important part of my devotional time.

The journal that Taylor painted for me has always just kind of been about the updates in my life; whenever something big in my life would occur, or something interesting, or funny, I’d write it down in this journal. The later entries have been more about decision-making, and some of my thought processes during some difficult times in my life.


As you can see in the picture, Taylor painted 2 Corinthians 4:7 on it, a verse that meant a lot to me during my junior year of college, and now, as I am seeking the Lord, and trying to understand more of Who He is, I’m seeing now just how much that verse still means to me.

I actually need to leave soon, but I just want to say something. It’s something that Bria and I talked about tonight:

Life is constantly changing; the Lord, however, never changes. And even though in the dark times, it’s hard to see and truly appreciate His constancy, ultimately, it is the greatest comfort I can ever have in this life.

*Super quick mention here: There will be more changes happening with #JustStartWriting; changes that may involve me…taking…a break…from it.

I’ll explain more in the days to come. Just wanted to give you a little warning now.

Love you guys. Thanks for reading, and being a part of this. ❤



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