#TruthPrevails – The Intro

So, there are 11 days left in #JSW3. I’m baffled at how fast this month has gone, but really, am I surprised? I always say time is flying, but do I ever really grasp that concept?

Since there is a little less than two weeks, I’m going to actually introduce this new series that I’ve been tossing back and forth in my head, and I’ve decided to do it.

I call it #TruthPrevails.

This is actually a hashtag my friend Nabil and I have used for the past several months because of a text conversation we had in which one of us declared, “Truth prevails.” (Nabil, was it me or you? Like I’m willing to give us both the credit for this hashtag, but I’m just curious haha…)

And every time either one of us would speak the truth (mostly the Truth, meaning it came from or was based on the Bible), the other would sometimes send a “#TruthPrevails” text.

Now, I was going to make these posts some cool little dialogues somehow between Nabil and I, or maybe just two speakers in general, to where both parties would just be talking from general topics to deeper topics that would ultimately lead to a #TruthPrevails moment. But as I kept thinking about it, I’m just not sure how I could pull it off because…

1) I wanted it to be genuine. I didn’t want to make up a scenario, or a problem, and then artificially make it to #TruthPrevails. I wanted the issues, the conflict, the questions to be real. Because the Truth is real. Plus, the conversations in which I personally have these #TruthPrevails moments just happen. There’s no way you can plan for the type of #TruthPrevails moment I have, or others may have.

2) I didn’t want it to be cheesy. How do you write a genuine dialogue between people that ends in #TruthPrevails, but isn’t cheesy? I mean, clearly, it has happened before; it’s happened a bunch of times in my actual life. But I just didn’t know how I could translate it onto the blog.

Instead, this is what #TruthPrevails is going to be about…


Please forgive the crappy video job, okay, it’s like 10pm, and I should be doing other things / be in bed by now haha.

I keep bringing this up, but when I was having a really rough time mentally, emotionally, and spiritually a few weeks back, I realized just how much I needed to hear and read the Truth. I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ve had to stop listening to certain music for a bit because it just wasn’t helping my thought process.

Hence why I’ve been jamming The Rocket Summer non-stop these days (p.s. the song in the video is “Light” by The Rocket Summer, one of my favorites <3).

And I’ve made a conscious effort to set aside time to read the Bible. But this little project I’ve got going on my wall…this is just another thing to help me when those hard times come.

I spend a lot of time in my room at night, mostly blogging, reading, preparing myself for the next day.

And when those negative thoughts begin to weigh on my mind; when I am tempted to look at the circumstances of my life, and think that the Lord is not good, I look at this wall and read the verses, the lyrics, the encouraging things that people have said to me. I look at the side that says, JESUS IS... and remind myself of who the Scriptures say He is.

And the Polariod pictures? I keep those there to remind myself to be thankful for the people I do have in my life. Not everyone is hanging there, but when I think of these people, I’m reminded of all the others that the Lord has blessed me with. To be thankful for the people and things the Lord has given me helps me be able to crush some of the discontentment that wants to weigh me down.

And so, dear reader, this is what #TruthPrevails looks like to me. It’s this wall + those text messages I get out-of-the-blue, from all sorts of different people, telling me that I’ve been thought about and prayed for, right when I need it.

I’m not saying that my problems and my negative thoughts are immediately alleviated just by looking at this wall, or if I stare long enough at it, my problems are solved. It’s just a helpful way of allowing me to see and read God’s Truth, and ponder these things when I go through the hard nights or mornings, battling the worry and anxiety. And, the fact that I’m reading the verses over and over will allow me to memorize the Scripture to the point where I won’t need the notecard, but can quote it to myself as I go throughout my day.

“I have stored up Your Word in my heart,

that I might not sin against you.” – Psalm 119:11

I also don’t want to make this seem like I’m a victim here; that my worries are preying adn attacking me, and I am helpless. In this struggle, I am battling myself; when the worry is there, it is because I have allowed it to enter my mind, and have decided to not focus on the Lord instead. I struggle because the human part of me wants to do things, think things, and say things that my spirit knows I shouldn’t do, think, or say.

So, for the next few days, I’m going to take it a card at a time. I probably won’t get through all of them before the end of #JSW, Month 3 (especially since I add a couple of cards a day), but I’ll do as many as I can, and maybe even pick it back up later.

What are some ways you deal with temptation, worry, anxiety, lies, negative/self-depricating thoughts? How do you hide Scripture in your heart?



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