#JSW 2017 + “past mistakes”

I guess technically yesterday’s post was the official beginning to #JustStartWriting’s 2017 beginning, but OH WELL! Here we are!

While I’m working on re-vamping the site, I’ll still be writing for you guys with some old stuff (as in series from last year that will be coming back), some content I had planned for last year when I was supposed to return in December but didn’t, some new stuff (as in new series, YAY!), and some new stuff that’s technically old stuff (you’ll just have to wait and see what I mean about that!)

But I’m EXCITED. So excited to be back and writing again. I missed this so much. I missed you guys so much.

To kick off this first month, I’m going to share with you something short that I wrote last summer. I was going through the notes on my phone, seeing if there was anything there that I hadn’t finished, or that I could eventually post, and I found this short poem piece. This past summer, I’d read Rupi Kaur’s Milk and Honey, and was totally inspired by her use of words, and just how straightforward she was.

I recently found another poet, Reyna Biddy, who also wrote in the same type of style (I hope to purchase her reading her work on iTunes sometime soon! And she apparently did the introduction to Kehlani’s new album dropping January 27th!)

Needless to say, I started writing my own short pieces based off of feelings and circumstances I was currently facing.

This one is called “past mistakes.”

I wish

You’d stop sending mixed messages.

Because I already have

A hard time seeing things clearly.

My past has left my vision blurry,

So I’m left with hands outstretched,

Waiting for someone to guide me through this.

I have too much trust in people, though.

It’s what made me this


In the first place.

~ written on August 1, 2016 at 8:03 a.m.

#iNotes #JustStartWriting 

❤ Mishy


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