*DISCLAIMER: this isn’t a post I’d written in the past, but rather something that was on my mind today.

I had the sudden urge this morning to express my love to some people through text message. It definitely couldn’t replace telling them that I loved them face-to-face, or giving them a giant hug, but it would do for now. 
((By the way, if you know me and didn’t get an “I love you” text, don’t take it personally. There were just several people on my heart this morning.))

I tweeted near the end of last year how, if you get the sudden urge to tell someone you love them, you need to do it because life is too short. 2016 will forever be remembered as the year we lost so many celebrities. But I think, goodness, if we lost that many celebrities, I can’t imagine how many people lost their loved ones that year. Tragedies such as the fires in Tennessee, and all the horrible things that happened in Aleppo remind me that not everyone wakes up to a “normal” day. Normal for some means hiding for their lives, running from enemies, fighting a disease. I’m blessed to wake up every morning and not have to think about these things. And I’m blessed to know that I still have family and friends who woke up just as I did. 

So, I’m making it a habit know that when I think of someone in particular, I let them know that I love them. That they mean something to me. That I’m so happy that they’re in my life. Because it won’t be like that forever, unfortunately. And I know that it means everything to me to be told or shown that I’m loved. And it can even be something like sending a few emoji hearts to someone every week to let them know you’ve been thinking about them (that’s what my dad, my sister, and I do! 😊). My mom sends a text to me and my sister every morning, wishing us a great day and saying she loves us. 

I just challenge you to do the same – to just love on the people in your life. I know this is stated probably every day to you in some form or fashion, be it social media or television or whatever. It’s not new information. But it’s stated so much because it’s THAT important. We take for granted the people we see every day, forgetting that we or they can be gone in such a short amount of time. It doesn’t take much – an accident, a decision made by one person to take lives, an unforeseen health issue. 

So, if you’re feelin the love, spread it. Share it. If you think of someone specific, tell them specifically that you love them. It doesn’t take much. And most likely it’ll make that person’s day. 

πŸ’™ Mishy πŸ¦‹

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