thoughts at 6 a.m. on a Saturday

She awoke with a major thirst for water.
The only souvenirs from last night were a styrofoam Waffle House cup, slight bruising around her ankles, and dirt and glitter underneath her fingernails. 
Glitter actually covered everything – her hair, her shirt, her pillowcase, her phone. 
She lie there between two sisters – one biological, the other a steady companion for a decade. Simultaneously, her desires were to get out of bed and stay where she was. She wasn’t sure if the night’s rest had been sufficient enough for her; she could only remember replaying the events of last night in her mind until she could fall asleep. 

To stay or to go? She still needed water.  

As she walked around the house, she kicked herself for not writing down her original thoughts about last night sooner. At 6am, there was a particular way in which she worded things that suited her better than right now. Her mind was clouded with sleep.

So she decided to compile a list of words and phrases to express the events of last night. She felt that there was no way to truly explain it because to fully experience it, one had to be there for themselves…


Black, gold, and silver. Pictures. Hawaiian Uber driver who gladly talked about clubbing, and gave his advice and cautioned for them to be careful. Havana Club. Cold feet. “Why’s nobody here?” Tequila sunrises. “It’s so cold!!” Dance floors. Demanding the definition of one’s own club experience. Dancing. Dancing. And more dancing. 

Adrenaline + alcohol kicking in. “I need water so bad.” Water and tequila shots. “I can’t! I’m having an out-of-body experience!” Two shots taken by one. More dancing. More people. DJ was lit. “24K Magic.” Got stepped on by a girl wearing flats??? Aware. A little out of control. “Where are you from?” “I’m from here (What, no I’m not. Wait, why am I explaining my ethnicity to this Pitbull look-alike???).” “What’s your name?” “I’m (inaudible). Have you had shots?” “What???” “Have you had shots??” “Oh! Yeah!” *dude walks away*

I didn’t want your shots, bro. No thank yoooouuuu…

Dudes. Two dancing close. Move away, move away. Still too close. One leaves.”He asked for my number. And I was like, ‘Not tonight!'” So much laughing. 

Still dancing. One dude left. How to get rid of him…Still wanna dance a little bit. Getting tired. “I need to go to the bathroom.” “Are you okay?” “Yeah!”

In bathroom. “I don’t need to go, I just need to sit somewhere!” “Well, sit.” “On the toilet?” “Yeah! Where else?” *sits in bathroom for like 30 minutes, giving feet a rest and actually going to the bathroom. 

Still sitting. Scrolling through Instagram. Checks the time. “It’s only 1am!” “We can leave if you want to.” “Yeah man I’m tired.” Keeps scrolling through Instagram.

Receives text:

“We can leave if you want to.” 

“Yeah man we may need to I’m tired as all get out. Sorry we couldn’t make it to 3am.”

“It’s okay. Call the uber.”
Ya gotta know when to call it quits.

Gets up after hearing someone ask, “How many children do you have?” Washes hands as the conversation goes on. “The Uber’s gonna be here in like one minute…You’re beautiful!” “You really think so? I don’t think so, but if you say so, I’m the shit!” “You are the shit!” Arms around shoulders. Kiss on the cheek. “The Uber’s outside, we gotta go!” Walks confidently out of the club despite hurting ankles. 

Gets call from Uber driver – Steven. “I’m actually next door, but I’ll be over soon!” Waiting. Little colder than before. Car pulls up. “Is that him?” “Well, don’t walk towards the car if you’re not sure!” Steven arrives. Immediately take shoes off when inside the Uber. One carries on a conversation with the Uber driver while the other is on her phone, trying to collect herself. 

Make it home by 1:39am. “We need to eat something.” “But what’s even open at this hour?” “Siri, what restaurants are open now?” *looks up something about blue foxes???* “What? No! What restaurants -“

“I mean, what could possibly be open -” “Dude, you can’t talk while I’m tryna talk to Siri!” “Oh hahaha!” “Waffle House…” “Lets go to Waffle House!” “I just want a chocolate chip waffle, and some WATER!”

Walks in the house loudly. Tries to talk to people who are asleep. “Leave them alone, let them sleep!” “Which car are we gonna take?” “Mine! But wait…the other car is blocking…?” “We can just open the garage, pull into it, and back around her car.” “Ahh, nice.” “You drivin?” “Yep.”
(At Waffle House)

Extremely giggly about the night’s events. Waffles. Burgers? Burgers. Still going through the night’s events. Texting. Instagram checking. Water water water. 
(After eating)

“You ladies are all dressed up, where are you coming from?” “The Havana Night Club.” “Y’all look too young to be goin’ to the club.” “Well, we’re 22 so…”

The cook tried to finesse his way into getting her number. She swerved outta that. 

When she thinks about it, she wouldn’t have wanted last night to go any other way. 

💙Mishy 🦋

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