“for me.”

Hey guys, it’s been a minute, and I’m sorry about that. I got sick a day or so ago, and took a day to recover, and today I just got back to my somewhat normal schedule. 

Yesterday, I spent the entire day at home, in bed, either sleeping or watching Netflix or Snapstories. And I didn’t realize the significance of that time until today. 

Lately, I’ve been missing my hometown, Tybee Island a lot. I miss the weather and the beach and the small town vibes it gave off. But I’m realizing that, honestly, I sort of miss that time I had by myself. 

Ever since I moved to Chattanooga, I’ve mostly been doing something – hanging out with friends, going to places, shopping, etc. I haven’t really had a chance to be by myself too much. 

Now, granted, Tuesdays I don’t work until 2pm, so that small bit of time to be by myself is pretty nice. And I do enjoy going out and being with friends. But I feel like lately I’ve been craving some “me-time”; some time to just do things for me, be it read a book or paint my nails or whatever. 

So, even though I have a full day tomorrow after work, I told myself that I would use this weekend to somehow make some time for myself. I just feel like I need a weekend where I’m not meeting someone or doing something. And I don’t feel the slightest bit guilty about it either. Because I think it’s really important to have some alone moments to rejuvenate, reflect, and re-focus. 

(And no, just because I’m having this me-time doesn’t mean I’ll skip blogging this weekend!)

Lately, I’ve been

Moving, going, traveling

So much that

I haven’t been able to


There hasn’t been enough time to

Meditate, appreciate

The times I’ve been able to have. 

The people I’ve been able to spend time with.

I listen to music, but I don’t actually


I haven’t allowed it to take me back

To days where I had

So much time

To myself. For myself. 

Of course I love

Seeing people,

Being with people,

Doing things with people.

I live for the constant adventures life brings. 

But I also live for those alone moments. 

Those “me moments,”

Those times where I can be by myself 

For hours at a time

Thinking, writing, dreaming.

I need these moments to 

Rejuvenate me

To fuel me for the next day, week, month



If I say, “No, not today.”

Or, “Sorry, can’t do that.”

Or, “Can we push this back?”

Don’t take it personal.

Because I need to

Take it personal.


💙 Mishy 🦋 

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