we are…

we are the young, the youth. the ones who everyone criticizes for our eyes always being glued to our phones. the ones who make spontaneous plans to take a long road trip, even though our bank accounts may not be able to support it.

we are the ones who did as our parents told us to – the ones who graduated high school, then went off to college and learned more about life outside of the classroom than inside it. we are the ones who finally graduated, and falsely believed that our futures would be perfectly outlined for us, whether that be through marriage, a job, a move to a new place. we threw our graduation caps high in the air to simulate the high hopes we had in our futures.

we are the ones whose hopes temporarily crashed to the ground, just as our graduation caps met the earth after their descent. we are the ones who realized the truth of life – the difficulties in living alone or with someone we’re not used to living with, the hardships of marriage that wore off after the honeymoon phase, the insecurity in having jobs we didn’t think we’d ever need to have before doing the things we loved. we are the ones who depended upon our degrees to get us the dream jobs we always wanted.

but that didn’t last long…

for we are the ones who embraced the disenchantment of the “american dream” ideal, pulled on our boot straps, and went to work doing anything and everything because we needed to survive. we are the ones who make your regular latte with a double shot of espresso, the ones who change the diapers of two-year-olds, the ones who work in corporate office spaces doing things we never thought we could do.

and for what?

we do it because we are the ones who have dreams beyond the normal 9-5. we are the ones who long to create for the rest of our lives, be it through songs, words, paints, or photographs. we are the ones who go home or to coffee shops after getting off of our normal jobs, researching, learning, perfecting our crafts. we are the ones who build each other up when motivation is lacking. we are the ones who feed off of each others’ energy to continue creating, dreaming, chasing, grinding, praying.

we are the ones who seek to glorify God through the talents He’s given us. the ones who seek after Him to continue gaining perspective, inspiration, motivation. the ones who are ready to make what we love our daily jobs, our daily life.

we are the ones who don’t and won’t give up. the ones you may least expect to make a difference in the world.

we are.


💙 Mishy 🦋

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