“the tornadoes never came”

I read about my craft until a friend came over to sit by my side, and play me a song they’ve been working on, and read a book about their own craft. Silence is sweet, yet the interruption of light conversation makes the time even sweeter. We talk about our futures, and a meal is prepared and shared; it doesn’t matter that you don’t have a lot, just as long as you share what you’ve got.

More conversations about other things – people we both know, what our days bring about, how we’ve managed to push past self-doubt – all this over dinner, and a trip to get ice cream, and to eat that ice cream outside on a windy, tornado-gray day. It’s crazy how we always have so much to say, although we see each other at work every day.

We drive back to my apartment where the time is spent trying to film YouTube videos, but failing to do so. Because of dead batteries, we go ahead and begin watching Thirteen Reasons Why, and I wonder if this show will make me cry, or if it’s just another one of those dramas that makes me want to try to figure out what happens before the last episode ends.

Two episodes in, it’s ten o’clock, and we both have work in the morning. I see you out of the front door, and as I look back on the afternoon and evening, I thank God that it wasn’t boring.

~ “the tornadoes never came” or “when Classic Movie Night is cancelled”


💙 Mishy 🦋

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