She is Home.

She walked along the shore, searching for shark teeth among the remnants of shells that had made their home in the wet sand. Occasionally, she would bend down to get a better look, to pick up what she thought would be a shark tooth, to dig her fingers through the sand.

She was home. 

She would stand at the edge of the shore, and squint at the sun reflecting off of the ocean. How she could have taken this place for granted, she didn’t know.

But now – now she was fully present. Fully aware of how much this place provided a sowing ground for her to truly grow into who she was right then. What was it that someone once said? A seed must grow through dirt in order to become a beautiful flower? 

So it was with her. 

The memories of this place weren’t all difficult or stressful; there were definitely days in which she smiled her brightest smile, days in which she would ride around the island, and realize the beauty that the Lord had created. Days in which she acknowledged the blessing it was to be living a long-time dream of her childhood.

 Yet there were the hard times, and she couldn’t deny it; times when she would find herself questioning why she had to go through things, why some things that were given had to be taken away, why there wasn’t an easier solution that could ease the pain she constantly carried with her.

There were so many times she thought she’d moved on, when really, the pride of this thought only caused her to turn a blind eye to the worries that choked her into silence. Or so it thought.

Now. She is back. She is home. And she understands.

She looks back at those times, and sees the Lord’s hand in it, and she is on her knees thanking God for it all – even for the pain – and praying that He continues to lead her.

Because even though He has given her this sweet time – this time to return to a place so pivotal in her journey – she knows that it isn’t over. This hilltop experience will not last long, and she is asking for the patience, the strength, and the courage to continue on. 

But for now…she is home. She is well, and at peace. All the things she’d been holding onto have now been released. 

Thank You, Jesus.


💙 Mishy 🦋

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