end-of-the-week blessings. – a reflection

Guys. This week though.

I’ve been so busy, and normally, I feel extremely overwhelmed when I’ve been as busy as I have been this week. I am tired because I’ve been doing a lot this week, and haven’t gotten the proper amount of sleep every single night…

But you know, the amount of sleep I’ve been getting hasn’t been bad. Sure, I’ve had some weird dreams, but other than that, my nights have been pretty restful.

And even though some weekly goals have been thrown aside for a little bit, I feel like other goals have been met, goals that I’ve been talking about for months, but haven’t gotten around to. This week, I was able to start some new things, and it felt really good.

So, this week wasn’t perfect; I definitely have some things I need to improve on. I totally felt weak more than a few times throughout the past several days. I’m even grateful for times like that; keeps me humble and grounded, always relying on God more than on myself, or the people around me.

But I thank the Lord for giving me the days I had this week, the times I was able to do some things out of the norm, the people I was able to spend time with.

I’m thankful that the Lord has shown me an endless amount of grace, and even through me struggling through my quiet times recently, He has reminded me of His steadfast love through His Word, despite me feeling distant from Him.

I’m grateful that it’s the weekend, and that even through all of the different events I had going on this week, I can actually see the bottom of my bedroom floor.

End-of-the week blessings right here. I still need to fold the clean laundry that I did last week, and probably clear off my bed so I can actually sleep. But, I have clothes to wear, and a bed to sleep in.

Blessings upon blessings!

💙 Mishy 🦋

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