“…In Perfect Peace.”

When I was little, my sister and I had a hard time getting up in the morning, despite being sent to bed at 7pm, when the sun was still out (do I sound bitter about that? Hmm, maybe. I mean, nowadays, I might be more appreciative about a 7pm bedtime haha!). To help with our sluggishness in the morning, Honey, my stepmom would let us sit in her lap as she rocked us, and sang a song.

But not just any song, mind you…we were each assigned a different gospel song she would sing, and I think maybe she sang both to us if we needed the extra time. Truly, this maybe five minute window in our morning was one of my favorite times as a child. Sure, I would fall asleep again. I mean, who wouldn’t when they were being rocked and sung to?

Yet, even in my half-awake/half-asleep state, I clearly remember the lyrics to the song Honey sang to me every morning…

“You are my peace. You are my peace. You are my peace, and I worship Thee. You have delivered my soul, from the snare of the enemy. In the midst of my storm, You held and protected me. If I just keep my mind on Thee, You’ll keep me in perfect peace.”

That’s just one of the verses, but it’s the main one I can remember hearing Honey sing every weekday morning when I was growing up. As a child, I thought it was a beautiful song (and, of course, a beautiful time for me because I got a little more time to shut my eyes!). But I recently thought of that song because I was feeling very unstable in a lot of ways.

Physically I was still battling all the sicknesses I had contracted from work. Not to mention, I had just moved into a new home, and was still acclimating to the fact that this was my home now, and would be for the next year at least.

Spiritually I hadn’t touched my Bible in a while. I had been scrambling through a routine, waking up later than I usually had so I wasn’t getting my morning devotions in. At night, I wasn’t turning to the Bible either, and my prayer life seemed totally disconnected.

Mentally I was just as scrambled as I was spiritually. I had so many things to think about – finances, moving things, trying to sell things, buying things for the house – and even though all of my belongings were settled into the new house, I definitely hadn’t settled into everything yet.

Emotionally Honestly, I think emotionally I was okay, just because I felt like this was the only part of me that I could control. There were moments of frustration, for sure. But overall, I felt like since I couldn’t take control of myself in other aspects, the least I could do was hold myself together here.

It’s honestly a blessing that the Lord placed this song back into my heart and mind during this time. Immediately, I looked up the song on Google to see who originally sang it, and then found it on Spotify for me to listen to as I was getting ready for bed one night (I’m not sure if she’s the original artist, but I’m currently listening to Juanita Bynum’s version of “Peace”). And hearing the words again brought back my childhood, but most importantly reminded me where my peace comes from.

There’s a lot going on in the world right now – a lot of chaotic events, such as natural disasters, attacks, threats of attacks. And that doesn’t even include what’s happening in your personal life on the day-to-day. But I wanted to encourage you that there is true peace found in Christ Jesus. When there is nowhere else to run, when you feel like you’ve completely drained out all your options, even when you think you have it all together, you truly are not at rest, and you truly do not have peace unless it is peace that comes from God Almighty.

I listened to this song the rest of that night until bed, and again several times the next morning. And I now have that song on a separate playlist specifically for peace because, as a worrier and perfectionist (thank God not so much now as I used to be, but I’m not perfect), I need to remember Who my peace is, and why He is my peace – God has shown Himself faithful in my life over and over again. And because of Who He is, and all He has done, I strive to keep my mind on Him, and to worship Him.

So, thank you Honey for permeating my life with such Truth, even at such a young age in such a sweet way. If I ever have children, I long to do pass down the tradition of singing “Peace” over them.

To those who’d love to take a listen, here’s the song from Spotify…

#MishyWrites 🦋✨

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