“To Dr. King”

Dear Dr. King,

Thank you.

I know today, you’re hearing a lot of that; people from all over the United States
Declaring their love, support, and gratefulness for all the sacrifices you and your family made
So that I could have the family that I have –
Brown skin and white skin peacefully under one roof,
No discriminatory speech from either party, simply
Love, serenity.

I pray to God, Dr. King, that today not be the only day
In which all people, white and black alike
Remember the struggle that it took for our country to get where it is today.
Because even today, there is still struggle;
There is still misunderstanding, confusion, blatant hate
When there shouldn’t be, and we should all be moving forwards instead of

I admit that even I, a woman of color
Am guilty of overlooking the issues that our country currently has
Because of my complacency.

I pray for courage like you, Dr. King, to stand up for what’s right.
To realize my voice matters in the mix of all the
Opinions and
To use it instead of fearing that
My thoughts are unpopular or
Worrying that what I have to say is irrelevant.

For posting about you, or talking about what you did means nothing
If I, if we, do not take a step towards change,
Towards caring when things begin to move backwards instead of forwards.

You said it best: “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

And so, Dr. King,
I actively decide to
Break my silence and
Speak up for what is right,
What is true, what is just.


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