Worth the Wait

It’s Tuesday, and I haven’t gone back into work this week yet because of MLK day, and today is a snow day (praying to see some actual snow since nothing’s happened yet, if I’m being honest haha). But it’s been really nice to have some slow mornings – waking up when I’ve had enough sleep, not because I have to get up to go to work. Making my breakfast, and having my quiet time for longer than usual. Working out and showering in my own time.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized how nice it is to have days when you can go at your own pace, especially when I used to be someone who felt like I had to go-go-go every minute I had, otherwise I felt like I was wasting time. It’s nice to just sort of be in waiting as you’re going through your day.

Yesterday, I had this thought after I finished doing my Pilates work out and was about to shower:

“Whatever you have for me, Lord, it’s gonna be worth the wait!”

I’m grateful that the Lord gave me this thought as I was going throughout my day at my own pace; that I was simply being faithful with the time I had, and not rushing into anything because so often, I want to rush into other, bigger things in my life. Why? Well, sometimes I’m impatient; I want what I want RIGHT NOW, and most of the time, if I get what I want when I want it, it doesn’t turn out as good as I thought it would be.

Just wanted to write this as a simple reminder that God’s timing is perfect; He knows our hearts, our wants, our needs, and most importantly, He knows what’s best for us. It is better to wait on what the Lord has for us, than to force something, and get just a temporary satisfaction. It is better to go at the pace that He has set out for us than to try to rush things so we can get our way.

So, that significant other you’ve been wondering about? Like, “Where he/she at?” Give that to God, ask Him to give you patience and endurance in this time. Don’t rush into anything just to gain the gratification of now. That french vanilla cream you want to have in your coffee, but shouldn’t because you’re on a cleanse (haha, is it just me? Can you tell the struggle is real?), give it to God! Ask Him to take away the urge, and replace it with something else that will satisfy (like unsweetened vanilla coconut milk and honey, but I’m just being silly lol).

I would rather wait and see what God has for me, than try to create my own joy or happiness from temporary bliss. I pray and hope that this encourages you in whatever season of life you’re in – wait on the Lord! He is faithful to help you be patient, to move past the urges you have so that you can joyfully wait in His presence for what He has for you. It’s not going to be easy all the time, and it definitely doesn’t mean that you’ll get exactly what you want, or that what you get will even be good, but God does know what is best! And His best is worth the wait.


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