Current Reads – January Edition

Hey guys, Happy Monday!

So, this year, I told myself that I’d have more words in my life – in writing and in reading! I ended and started off my year reading Opening Moves by Steven James, a crime/thriller/suspense novel that I truly enjoyed. It’s a part of a series I began reading in my later high school years, but it was just as good now than it was back then. I hope to find the rest of the books in the series, and also start the new series that James has written based off of the same protagonist!

Currently, however, to close out January, I am reading two different books – Neon Soul by Alex Elle and Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg.

Neon Soul

For most of 2017, I wanted to buy Alex Elle’s poetry book Neon Soul, but I was never able to because either I couldn’t find it at Barnes and Noble, or I didn’t have the money to really afford to get it, but this time around when I got a 15% off coupon for Barnes and Noble, I finally found it and purchased it, and it’s been so good reading her poetry.

I try to continue to read other people’s poetry, not so that I can copy their style, but to inspire myself, and also encourage myself in my own poetry. It’s amazing to see the different styles that poets write in, and to see what sort of themes center their books. This book is really thin; there are only 143 pages of Elle’s poetry, so I’m trying to learn to read each poem slowly, and sometimes even repetitively so I can fully ingest and digest it. At the end of the book, she has some poetry prompts that I’m excited to delve into once I’ve finished reading!

Writing Down the Bones

I actually bought this book in the spring of 2017 on a trip to McKay’s Used Book store with a dear writing friend of mine. She suggested it to me, and honestly, I haven’t picked it up until now. But with me trying to refresh and restart my Just Start Writing website, and also with me writing my own content, I think it’s important for me to continue learning more about writing because, hello, I’m definitely not an expert just because I got my Bachelor’s in English. Yeah, I don’t even have a concentration, so I can take all the help I can get!

Only a few chapters into this book, and I’m already learning, and really excited to possibly do a series on the JSW site to help other writers work on their own writing.


I don’t plan on necessarily finishing these books before the end of January. I mean, my goodness, this is the last full week of January already, and then we’re headed into the second month of the year! I plan on taking my time with these books, and when I’m finished with one or both, I’ll continue on to other reads I have in my bedroom that I haven’t finished. Because there are PLENTY of them!

What are you currently reading? Are you reading for pleasure, to study/learn, to write a review? I’m always in need of some book suggestions, so let me know in the comments!


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