Earlier this week, I was talking to my boyfriend about some books and poets that initially inspired, and continued to motivate me to write poetry.

Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur showed me what poetry could look and sound like. It also helped heal wounds that I had been trying to move past. Reyna Biddy’s I Love My Love expressed some of the same feelings I’d felt during that healing process. And my all-time favorite poet Arielle Estoria, along with Sarah Wallick, motivated me in my call to write poetry for myself and others with several poems in their book Write Bloody, Spill Pretty.

I’ve found that, as I’ve continued to think about what to write about, sometimes it helps to go back to the basics – like blogging. Blogging is where sharing my writing publicly began. Before that, it was sitting in my room and reading, praying, and meditating to figure out what to write about. And pulling those books back out this week, and just looking through them, reading the poems that really hit home for me, reminded me of my purpose to write.

And I think creatives just need that sometimes – to go back to the origins of where we began to be inspired. It doesn’t mean that we must go back to the exact level of how we created, but it’s a humbling and rejuvenating experience to remember where you came from, and what started it all.

So, I wrote this poem specifically to myself titled “Purpose,” to remind myself why I keep going on writing poetry.

And before or after you read my poem, ask yourself these questions:

What is your purpose?
Why do you do the things you do?
What/who inspires and motivates you?”


Don’t forget why you began this.
You didn’t have many solid plans moving forward, but

You had a head full of ideas and you
Daydreamed of days in which your purpose was clear.
Through pain and questions, you were led to a thing you never desired to use;
A way of writing that you initially despised, but several poems later,
You found healing there,
And you sought to bring the same
Sympathy, Empathy, and Hope to others.
You longed to have the
Heartbroken be whole again,
The hopeless see Light despite the darkness that surrounded them,
The vagabonds given a place to rest their heads, hearts, and souls.
And through all this you’d
Point to the One Who is the
True Provider of all Comfort,
Who always sees how you and others hurt and
Longs to draw near to them as they draw near to Him.
Presenting True Hope is your purpose,
Don’t forget why you began this.

I gotta keep going.

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