“to the Giver of Words” (POEM)

In honor of World Poetry Day, it is only fitting that I dedicate today’s blog post and poem to my number one Inspiration – God! He is my Maker and My Savior, the only One Who truly understands me, and has been with me through my prettiest days and ugliest times. And He has blessed me with the gift of words to share His Love and Grace to those who need it!

The words He has given me have been some of the biggest parts of my healing processes. There was a time at the beginning of this year in which I felt like the words had just stopped. Like they were stuck, like I couldn’t get them out, and I was afraid because I felt like I’d lost this way with words somehow.

But God is faithful; in no time, He re-inspired me in a completely different light, and I cannot express my gratitude enough!

I wrote this poem at the beginning of this month after realizing how much easier the words were flowing again, and I just had to give thanks! So, in honor of my Daily Inspiration…

“to the Giver of Words”

Thank You, God, for more words to write.
As Your word is my Sword through this spiritual battle, You
Also provide words to flow from You to my mind through the pen onto paper to
Fight through the situation I’m facing.
This gift reminds me I’m not alone, that You
See me in my darkest hour, and in my time of need, and You give me the
Words to put down so I may receive the healing, and possibly,
Help those who are in the same position to heal.
Thank You for holding my hand as I document my story, and the
Lessons You’re teaching me.
I may not see what the end result is, but
I know You will get the glory.

#MishyWrites πŸ¦‹

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