*NEW SERIES – Behind the Words

Hey, hey!

So, cool thing’s are happening today…like new visuals on Instagram, a new poem, TWO NEW BLOG POSTS! WHaT?!

Okay, this post is just more of a preliminary, introductory post to the one that will come right after this one LOL, BUT it’s important!

Because I’m starting a new series, a new tagline, and it just hit me as I was finishing up the main post for today, and trying to come up with a title.

I feel like maybe half of the blogs I write have a poem associated with the thoughts I’ve blogged about, and I sometimes post them together, or maybe I’ll just post a poem on Instagram, and leave it to the interpretation of the reader.

But sometimes, I just have so many blog thoughts swimming in my head, along with poetic thoughts, and they’re connected, and I want to get it all out and have it all make sense to you, the reader.

So, I’ve come up with a little series whenever this happens called Behind the Words.

Basically, it is a blog post filled with the in-depth thoughts I had whenever I started, or even during the process of, writing a specific poem. I feel like doing this will allow the reader to have a better picture of what I was feeling and thinking when I write some of my poetry. I won’t do this for every single poem, because the beauty of poetry sometimes is that the reader can connect with it in the way that they need to.

But if I feel like I need to elaborate on an important message that I don’t want the reader to miss, then Behind the Words it is!

So yeah, I just wanted to explain what this new thing is, so now you can move on to reading the very first Behind the Words blog post – “Cookie.”

Keep reading, luvvies!

Mishy 🦋

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