are blog posts DEAD?!

Super excited to expound upon this because I thought about this topic as soon as I pressed PUBLISH on my money on my mind blog post

But seriously…is the blog dead, now?? Do people still read blogs, or do they expect to read just little paragraphs or blurbs like they do on Instagram and Twitter, and move on?

Well, I for one, surely hope the blog isn’t dead. I mean, clearly, the platform hasn’t died, but has it died in the hearts of people today? Are we too caught up in images, that we lack the capacity to read text anymore?

I did a little poll on Instagram a couple of weeks ago, and thankfully, most of the people who voted said they still read blogs. And that’s awesome…obviously because I use the blog as a platform, but also because so many people still use them as well!

My soul sister Cydney described it like so:

“Blogs are valuable because you own that space. Social media can be deleted at any point and you could lose all that content if it’s not on a website.”

And I never thought about it like that. Sure, we all have our own accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., but if any of those companies decided to shut down, we’d lose all of those photos, quotes, etc. that we created and shared.

Not to say that blog sites can’t close their doors as well, but it’s less likely. Because there are websites for ANY and EVERY THING out there. What pulls up when you Google something? WEBSITES. More and more websites. Yeah, you’ll get IG and Twitter accounts here and there depending on what you’re searching, but mostly, you’re getting websites.

Thinking about this and talking about it with Cydney encouraged me and took a little weight off my shoulders. Because I tend to put so much weight on my blog sometimes; it grew so much when I was consistently writing and focusing on it, and now that I’ve started focusing on other things, I feel bad that I’ve somewhat abandoned it. In some way, I feel like I’ve contributed to those who believe that blogs are dead.

But it’s also good to remind myself that the life of blogs doesn’t lie on my shoulders alone, but on every blogger and writer out there! And there are plenty of them with different topics, themes, and subjects!

Do you still read blogs? What kinds of blogs do you like to read? Name some blogs in the comments (along with the type of blog they are – travel, fashion, music, lifestyle, cooking, etc.) that you think I should check out!

As a blogger myself, I want to do better this year about reading blogs as much as I write them! So please, give me suggestions in the comments!!


Mishy 🦋

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