My boyfriend mentioned something to me on the phone yesterday that both encouraged me, and got me thinking…

He told me that a devotional I’d sent him a couple of days ago had stuck with him, and he’d been thinking on it since he’d read it. It was about not fearing people or situations or anything of this world, but fearing God alone. And, because of how I was feeling yesterday, he encouraged and reminded me to, not only read my devotions and the Word every day, but to also practice what I read as well.

And I really had to sit there and check myself. Because, yes, it’s easier said than done to do what he was encouraging me to do; the difficulties of life can make it challenging to remember the things we’ve been taught, the things we’ve read or the things we’ve been reminded of.

But I realized that recently, it seems like sometimes I’ve been daily reading my Bible and devotional only to check something off my list, or I’ve simply been doing it out of routine. This world’s aim is to keep us so busy, we’re not truly sitting on what we’re learning, and putting it into practice.

So, I had to ask myself: What was I actually learning and getting out of what I was reading? How was I applying it to my life?

The same goes with going to church. Sometimes we go, we hear the Word, we acknowledge its Goodness, and then as soon as we leave, or as soon as the week begins, we forget what we were taught, or what God revealed to us. We take notes, but fail to look back at them until we need them, or we never look at them again.

I don’t write this to condemn myself or others who have done this because it is so easy to do. But I do want to re-evaluate the way I do my daily/weekly devotions, how I intake the Bible and its lessons, and daily practice it in my life.

Here’s my personal thought process and potential plan: Maybe I can focus on one devotional for the week, and truly dwell/pray on it, study it, and find ways for me to put it into practice as I go about my day. That way I’m still daily getting the Word, but I’m not just taking a lesson in without review.

I’ll definitely have to continue praying on this, and allowing God to move me in the direction that will be best for me to truly follow through with living my faith out. Because I don’t believe there’s one right answer; I’m sure everyone can focus on and learn things in the Bible differently that will allow the lessons to truly stick. And I definitely challenge anyone reading to think about these things, then take action:

How can you truly devote yourself to God’s Word in a way that the things you’re learning are put into practice while you live? How will you continue to evaluate yourself to make sure you aren’t just taking it in, and not living it out?

Mishy 🦋

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