LOVE…of Family

If you know me personally, you know my family is HUGE…I’m talking 2 sets of parents, so imagine what all comes from that; extended family larger than life!

And although having such a huge family has the potential to create some tension, I’m blessed with one that has continually loved me as I grow. My personality, interests, humor…all of those things have been shaped by my family in some form or fashion, and even though I’m coming into my own as an adult, little things I do or say remind me of where I’ve come from.

It’s been awesome to spend time with family as I reach my adulthood years: I see my sister every week because we have sister dates in which we eat together, relish in Korean culture through the music or TV shows (we’re watching 🌸Boys Over Flowers🌸 right now!), play video games , and just talk. My mom sends me and one of my sister’s a text every week day, just telling us “good morning, I love you,” and praying our day goes well. My dad sends me and my sister funny memes and videos every now and then to make us laugh. I get encouraging, Biblical texts and “I love you, I’m thinking about you” texts from my stepmom and stepdad. My Savannah family branch comes to the city I’m in every so often, and the California branch comes as often as they can (pretty sure it’s been once or twice a year!). My grandparents have a home they open up to me and my sister whenever we need it.

One of my favorite family things is when me, my sister, and four of my cousins get together for a girls trip for a weekend or a few days more, and each time we’re in a new city. Two years ago, we hadn’t hung out much together really; we knew about each other, but didn’t know each other’s personalities and interests and lives. Now, we have a group chat we chime in when we can about ANYTHING: prayer requests, funny stories, memes, and of course, our next vacation plans.

The subject of family can be tough for a lot of people; maybe there isn’t really unconditional love or support there. Maybe there have been arguments and separation. So, I don’t want to sit here and preach to “love your family” when it may be hard for some of you out there. I do pray for reconciliation and rebuilt love and trust, because even though it may seem impossible for those things to happen, NOTHING is impossible with God!

To those who are blessed with family they love and who love them: What do you love about your family? What makes each person unique? How can you show them you love them, not just this week for Valentine’s Day, but every week? Every day?

To those who may have a difficult family situation: Who in your life has treated you like family? Is it friends, co-workers, a significant other’s family? How can you show your love and appreciation for them?

Mishy 🦋

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