LOVE…of self: sights are set.

If you follow me on social media (mostly Instagram), you may/may not have seen me take pictures in my bathroom mirror and post them to my story. Which means, you may/may not have seen the sticky notes stuck to the mirror.

Yes, they are affirmations.

These days, I see so much on social media about affirming ourselves, reminding ourselves of who we are and what we’re capable of. Highlighting the TRUTHS when the lies seem to stand out more in our lives. But why do we need THIS MUCH affirmation? What has caused us to doubt who God made us to be so much?

Personally, this is what I know: I can sometimes value and appreciate other people’s lives more than my own, therefore, creating this ungrateful attitude for the life that I’ve been given. I forget the beauty of being different from other people, of not looking like the beauty standard that has been set up and supported by the media. I see other people succeeding in what they love to do, and I doubt that I am capable of success in my own passion.

Notice how in all of those things mentioned, my sight is elsewhere: on other people, other careers, other places and things, and not on myself and what I’m creating, where I am/where I’m going, and what I look like. Because I’m so focused on everyone and everything else, I fail to see how God is working in my own life. I become jealous and ungrateful at times. I can be truly supportive towards those who are near and dear to me, but silently begin the process of tearing myself down instead of believing that God has me where He needs me for a specific purpose too. So there is also a lack of focus on God and seeking Him and His will and plan out.

Maybe some of you are reading this, and thinking, Doesn’t she host an online motivational show? And she’s talking about not loving herself and seeking God with where she is in life? Isn’t that backwards?

The truth is, we all go through moments of doubt, even the most motivational and encouraging person you know. And while I don’t want to be hypocritical when I encourage others in one way, and I’m feeling another way, the fact is that I’m not perfect – I fall into those difficult patterns too. But I can truly only love and encourage others if I’m able to love myself.

And so, a major thing I’m doing this year is setting my sights on my first love (GOD), so I can maintain my second love – self-love. That doesn’t mean that I care only about myself, but I should have a sense of self-respect and confidence to know that God created me the way I am, and that is beautiful. And that He creates an purpose within me that I’m capable of fulfilling so long as I seek Him for the strength to do it.

How much do you love yourself? Is it too prideful, or do you lack self-love/self-confidence? How does your love of God affect your love of self? What steps can you take to learn to love yourself?

Mishy 🦋💕

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