I could talk about so many loves that I have…love of food, love of shoes…but maybe some of y’all have been waiting to hear about my romantic love? 😍🥰

Those who follow me on social media have seen Cadarius pop up every now and again in posts or on my story. We’ve been together for almost 2 years now, and the time we’ve had together has grown and shaped us both in so many ways.

How We Met

I know a lot of public figures, celebrities, bloggers and vloggers talk about how they met their significant others, and while I do want to indulge my readers in that, I honestly feel like it would be more fun to do a video in which he and I both talk about how we met. I love seeing each person’s side to the story, and how it comes together.

But, I’ll give you the basics: we met at an open mic competition that he performed in, and I was spectating in, until I was unexpectedly asked to say a poem in between performers. He asked for my contact after hearing my poem, which led to many text conversations and several hang outs (one being a walk through downtown that lasted basically an entire day…like until the sun set!). He pursued me very well from then on…was always asking when we could get together, and our conversations were never surface level.

Through a series of specific events, which include me actually rejecting him at first 😅, and then later realizing my true feelings for him, we decided to become a couple.

Something I’ve learned while we’ve been together is that learning love never stops.

Learning and Loving and Loving and Learning 💕

My sis Cydney posted on her business DreamOnYouth’s Instagram page, asking what advice we could give to all the single friends we have, and I commented this:

“It’s okay to keep learning how to love. You learn how to in all stages and phases of life: love of self, love of others (be it family, friends, significant others, etc.) But you’ll never reach an actual point of ‘Okay, I KNOW how to love, now I’m ready for bae!’ Learning to love takes time, and eventually you’ll end up with a bae, and still have to learn how to love them, and continue your self-love journey! So, take the time to keep loving and learning and learning and loving, no matter what!”

My comment on DreamOnYouth’s IG post ➡️

And if there’s anything that Cadarius has done for me, it is teach me what love is, and how to love every single day, no matter what the situation is. I won’t make this post extremely long and sappy for y’all, even though I could write a book on how much I truly love this man. 🥰

God has truly blessed me with him, and I’m grateful for the love and patience he’s had with me as we’ve navigated through this beautiful love journey, MY very first (and I’m confident that it’s my last) love journey. I pray strength, joy, peace, and love over us now and forever.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Cadarius! 💘💍 I love you from my soul. 😍😘 And I will encourage and support you in good times and bad. We’re in this forever, my love! 🙌🏽

Your love,

Mishy 🦋💘💍

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