Behind the Words + POEM: “hide and seek”

Yesterday, I saw a Facebook post written by Brynija, a sister poet in my city, where she expressed some of the same emotions I honestly have been feeling as well, about writing poetry and not feeling familiar with it. Although I hate that she felt like this too, it was comforting to know that we’re not alone when it comes to our writing journeys (read my post “Behind the Words: I” to get a taste of how my relationship with poetry was from when 2020 began and into February).

As I thought about it, I was inspired to write this poem. I’m not exactly sure how Brynija felt about her words being unfamiliar, but I know I personally felt like my words had gone on vacation, and didn’t tell me when they’d return. It was as if their departure was a way for them to hide, and I had to follow the trail they left behind to seek them out.

Yet I know that I cannot force poetry out of me; it must have the freedom to arrive and leave as it wills. And even if it does do this, it doesn’t mean I’m any less of a poet than I was when words constantly came out. So, I hope all the poets/writers enjoy this poem! 😊 And even if you’re not a writer or even a creative, that you can insert your own passion into this poem, and be assured that even if it may seem you’re struggling in what you love, it doesn’t mean the feeling will last forever, and it doesn’t mean your passion is gone for good.

“hide and seek.” (POEM)

Our words don’t long to stay hidden in
Our hearts or our heads,
Even when we feel they’ve runaway from us with no
Voicemail or forward address, no
Timetable of when they’ll return.
Yet sometimes it may seem that way; we may feel like we’re reaching for thin air,
Our desire to speak up and to be heard growing minute by minute, but
Fading in disappointment as we lack the words to say, to write.

We cannot force it. We must give it time.

For when the words feel the need to be used, they’ll arrive, they’ll
Come pounding at the door of our minds, longing to settle in our hearts, eager to escape from our fingertips and our tongues and lips, yes,
We’ll feel at peace...our natural senses restored, we’ll
Let them flow out of us unhindered with ease.
Who knows how long they’ll stay? Maybe as long as we keep letting them in...
As long as we remember that our identity and calling do not change even when the words are absent...
As long as we’re open to having them come and go as they please, and we
Release the panic that wants to settle in if they do decide to leave...
We’ll be content and secure when our words play this occasional game of
Hide and seek. – Mishy 🦋💚

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