the power of the creative.

My heart went out to her, and immediately, I just felt my purpose rise within me. Not in a prideful sense that said, “You WILL be the answer to her problems!” But more of, “I just want to shed hope to her situation; shine a light on any places in her life where it may be dim.”

A friend of mine was super vulnerable on her Instagram story several days ago, and hearing her vulnerability made me think several things…

  1. I’m SO PROUD of her for being that brave. Because we’re all in a pretty vulnerable, uncertain time right now, and for her to just express how she’s been feeling recently, and hopefully shed light on someone else’s situation was so admirable to me
  2. My heart went out to her, and I longed to understand her, to connect with her. I wasn’t super familiar with the situation she was in, but I thought, I wonder what writer she could read that would make her feel heard? I wonder what music she could listen to that would make her feel understood? Which motivational speaker could she watch of a video of, and feel like she isn’t alone?

this is our time.

I’ve seen a post several times on social media that talks about how, in the times we’re in right now with the quarantine/social distancing, people are looking to artists. To creatives. Because we’re capable of expressing hope and joy and peace when there seems to be none in sight. We’re able to relieve stress by creating things to ease people’s minds. And listening to my friend, my creative spirit just welled up inside of me, and honestly, that encouraged and inspired me.

Honestly, despite having time to work on things and write, I was initially feeling sort of unmotivated and uninspired at the beginning of this break. But hearing my friend tell her testimony to help others, it immediately inspired me to want to help others in my own way too, whether that be through poetry, my own testimony, or whatever!

So, any creatives out there…how have you stayed motivated in this time of quarantine? Who or what has inspired you to inspire someone else? It doesn’t even have to be a piece of art or a song, but it could just be someone writing or saying their experiences so far in this pandemic we’re all living in.

I hope you’re not just dwelling on your own situation, but you’re making an effort to hear others out as well. That’s how we’re all able to relate to one another. That is how we’re able to connect, uplift, and inspire! And you don’t even have to have the official “creative” label over your head to do this. And that’s the most beautiful thing 😍

This is our time, creatives! Let’s do this!

Mishy 🦋🙌🏽

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