those moments.

How silly of me!

Yesterday was officially the first day of spring, and I could’ve added how perfect it was due to all many blessings I experienced yesterday. We’re FINALLY out of the wintry fog and rain! I cannot express how happy I am that winter is over. Now, we just need this whole coronavirus thing to blow over along with it!

While yesterday was a pretty special day, today is a special day too. It’s a day I’ve talked about frequently if you’ve followed my journey closely for quite some time. But to those who are fairly new, I’ll try to keep it short and simple…

Three Years Ago Today…

I was at a William Singe concert in Nashville, by myself. I got VIP so I was able to meet him and Alex Aiono, who was touring with him. Along with them, I got to meet the keyboardist of the tour, Silas Doss (he’s also a songwriter and producer). Silas gave me an opportunity to speak a poem on his Instagram live that night, and that was the first time I’d publicly said a poem of mine for an audience of that many people, even if they were online.

After that night, I knew I was made for poetry. The responses and replies to my words were so love-filled. People truly connected with my words, and I felt extremely humbled to feel that. I could feel the Lord confirming it in my soul that night. Who knew a concert night meant for fun would be the same night my purpose was revealed?

But Even Passed that Night…

There have been plenty of other days and nights that helped shape me and my poetry. Like the night I went to my first poetry workshop in Chattanooga (where my Poetry is LIT people at?). Or the night I performed on stage for the very first time. Or the night I went to an open mic, unexpectedly performed a poem, and ended up meeting the love of my life. It’s crazy how moments change us like that – we meet new people, experience new things, God opens new doors and closes others.

Even as we all sit in our homes, these moments are still shaping us. There can still be a time that defines when things changed for you. Maybe you decide to create that blog or YouTube page you always wanted to make because now you have the time. Maybe you can practice an instrument, or pick up playing a new one you’ve always wanted to try. Maybe you’ll get the courage to talk to that person you’re interested in now that you’ll both be in quarantine/social distancing, but technology allows you both to get to know each other better. Maybe you’ll look yourself in the mirror and finally stop sabotaging who you are, and decide to love yourself from here on out, no matter what.

Whatever Moment You Have in the Next Week (or So)…

I hope you catch it. I hope you realize it, and feel every bit of it as you’re experiencing it. Because a moment like that only lasts so long, and it’s difficult to truly relive it the way it initially happened.

That doesn’t mean you can’t reminisce on a moment like that, because of course you can! Just do your best not to let any moments you have these days pass you by. Take it all in.

What is a special moment (or special moments) that you can think of that changed the trajectory of your life? Do you think you’ve had a moment like that currently/recently? How has it affected you during this time?

Mishy 🦋💚

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