timing and choices.

Happy Monday, luvvies.

For those who live in my city of Chattanooga, TN, overnight we went through tornadoes going through parts of our city, taking away homes, vehicles, but most importantly the people we love and cherish. If things were far from “normal” with all the coronavirus/quarantine stuff going on, normalcy just became non-existent to many who now can’t even follow the stay at home order because their home is unavailable to them.

Someone close to me was affected, although not as drastically as some, but it doesn’t take away the fact that the vulnerability and fragility of the human life becomes way more evident. I’ve seen so many social media posts and conversations about how God is really trying to get our attention with the timing of everything going on, and I couldn’t agree more, if I’m honest.

With everyone busy with other things: work, school, personal agendas, relationships, etc., it’s too easy for those of us who believe in God and Jesus to put Him on the back burner. And I place myself in this category as well; when I was going through my normal routine pre-corona, I did my daily devotions, but it was hard for my mind to truly sit and focus sometimes when I had so many other things on my mind.

Now, with so many of those things taken away, it makes it easier for me to really sit and focus on what God’s Word is trying to say to me when I read it. It makes me more prayerful because I’m not thinking about the routine things, but I’m thinking about people and their situations during this time more. I feel more selfless now than I did before.

Now, with the timing of the tornado hitting now, it’s sort of a win/lose. On one hand, it’s nice that some of those who’ve lost their homes or cars do not need to worry about trying to get to work while they’re trying to figure out what to do, since the virus has shut down almost every business there is, minus groceries/food places. On the other hand, these things are still losses. And I can’t imagine the depth of sorrow that is hovering over those who’ve unexpectedly lost someone they love due to this natural disaster. First, they fear coronavirus possibly doing this, and then an unexpected event such as this takes a person they love away instead. I am truly praying for everyone affected by this tragedy.

Yet while we can sit here and debate on whether it was “good timing” or not, I know that everything that has happened so far has been in God’s timing. And while we can sit here and speculate what God is trying to tell us in these times, I pray we simply trust Him and ask Him what He’s trying to show us personally with everything going on.

Because the thing about the time we have is this: we have choices. We can choose to spend more time in God’s Word, or ignore it. We can choose to be more prayerful or not. We can choose to trust Him, or to run to something else to numb the pain and the questions of the these times. We had these choices when things were “normal” too, but we just felt like everything else was more important, or we felt rushed with our schedules to do anything about it.

Now, with all of us being more mindful with the time we have, the choices we make are even more deliberate. So, let us deliberately take the time to understand what our priorities are, what we’ll spend our time doing. And let us sincerely and deliberately take the time to pray for those who are dealing with both the tornado aftermath and the coronavirus, and lend a helping hand if we can.

Mishy 🦋🤍

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