resting in the Rush.

Well, well, it seems I’ve already skipped a couple of days on my #Blogtober challenge ๐Ÿ˜… Part of me feels like I should explain myself, but it may sound like a bunch of excuses, so let’s just say, life happened, and in a good way!

Honestly, even though this past weekend was pretty busy, I am grateful for how productive AND restful I was. I was able to do things for myself (get a facial, get my hair done), still do something towards my poetry, get things done around my apartment, and still rest / do fun things.

What this weekend showed me was that doing all of that is totally do-able without feelings stressed or overwhelmed. It’s possible to go with the flow on a full schedule, and still feel at peace and rested. And that is such a HUGE thing for me, because I feel like as soon as my quarantine ended, and I went back to work, I’ve been on GOGOGO. I’ve had small moments of rest in between certain times, but even then, I’ve been in anticipation of being in motion again.

I know that I’m capable of controlling my emotions, but when I have a lot to do, or there’s a lot going on around me, I admit that I tend to feel like I’m going out of control, emotionally and mentally. God strengthened me enough to endure the craziness this weekend by allowing me to control how I felt, and by blessing me with moments of peace and rest in which I truly cleared my mind of anything else I had to do, and just lived in the present moment.

It’s very easy to get overwhelmed, especially these days with everything going on still with COVID, the political situation, still dealing with racism, and then everyone each has their own personal battles they’re going through. But I encourage y’all to just take a moment to yourself without any distractions, and really rest. Don’t think about what’s coming up next, just enjoy the moment you’re in. Allow yourself the time and space to be relaxed away from all the things you have going on, or the things you want / need to think about.

What are ways in which you can enjoy the present moment? When was the last time you were fully and truly at peace? How can you ensure that you’re not overwhelmed, despite all the things you may have to do?

Mishy ๐Ÿฆ‹๐Ÿงก

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