blogs you should follow.

As someone who longs for her writing to be her full-time career, support means so much to me! If anyone reads, shares, or comments on anything I post I’m truly grateful.

The beautiful thing about gifts and talents is that there isn’t just one person in the world who thrives in it; there are multiple people doing the same thing, just doing it in their own way! It can sometimes be tempting to compare ourselves because of this fact, but rest assured, no one can do something like you can, so there shouldn’t be any reason to compare or to feel jealous about this!

I say all that to say…I am friends with / follow some great bloggers, and I want y’all to know who they are, and have access to their blog and their social media so you can read their posts, and follow them too!

Gayla Randle –

Gayla and I followed each other on Instagram last year before we actually met, and once we did meet, the vibes were just TOO good! She is a mentor, motivator, blogger, and public speaker. She’s 1/3 of the board members of When Boss Women Link Up, a weekly Zoom meeting for women entrepreneurs (although they are currently taking a break!). Gayla’s posts are meant to motivate and encourage the reader wherever they may be in life!

FB Page: Unapologetically GaylaB

Alexis Steeby – SingleSexy&Insecure

Alexis (or as I call her, Lexi) writes about relationships and every aspect in regards to them – worth/self-esteem, anger, healing, you name it! And I love how vulnerable she is in her writing. This woman is beautiful inside and out, and I appreciate her for sharing parts of her story to allow others to feel seen and heard in their own stories as well!

FB Page: SingleSexy&Insecure
Personal IG: @lexiirae310
Blog IG: @singlesexyinsecure

Brittney McClendone – The Open Owl

Brittney and I met earlier this year at a Black Girl Chatt event, and her energy refreshed me. I love talking about writing, specifically blogging, with other writers because I find that we go through similar thought processes when it comes to putting our writing out there.

Her conversational blog pieces are so good and relatable! She’s a great example of a writer who doesn’t need to “get it together” because once she sits down, writes, and posts, she’s DONE THE THING! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ

IG: @britbratmac_

Tanae Jordan – Melanin Mic

Named after her podcast, Tanae’s blog “will always educate, elevate, and possibly entertain…”! We actually met at a When Boss Women Link Up meeting, and have been following and supporting each other ever since! Read her blog for various types of posts that all exert Black Girl Magic ๐ŸคŽ๐Ÿ–คโœจ You can catch Tanae with a new blog post every Tuesday!

Personal IG: @tanaej
Blog IG: @melaninmic_

Mimi – Muzik Junqie

If you’re a music lover, you definitely want to follow my girl Mimi’s blog! She covers all types of music news from latest hits, to concerts she’s attended, to album reviews! She’s also really into the KPOP music scene, and I love that we get to hear a black woman’s perspective on this genre of music!

Personal IG: @creolemasterpiece
Blog IG: @muzikjunqie

Those are just 5 of my good sistas who blog! And look at all that MELANIN! ๐Ÿ˜

I urge you to support a black woman blogger today, y’all. Seriously, something as simple as a read, a share, a like, a comment truly means so much! And I feel like I speak for all bloggers when I say that we write because we love it, and it really encourages and motivates us when we receive feedback from the words we’ve put out!

Mishy ๐Ÿฆ‹๐Ÿงก

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