Yesterday I was writing a blog post, but my mind was clouded with so many other thoughts, that I ended up just puking them up on here. But I know that I couldn’t really share them, as much as I love to be vulnerable here with you all.

The balance of showing that I’m an actual human with actual thoughts instead of just another person being an influencer is hard to manage. Because maybe if I share the thoughts in my mind, there will be someone out there who needs to read that other people are thinking what they’re thinking. But at the same time, my thoughts are highly personal sometimes, and I don’t need people all up in my business 😅

But I guess I can let you in on a thought that I’ve been having for a while. I don’t think too many people who are associated with what I’m about to talk about read my blog, so here goes…

I’m ready to work for myself.

I’ve worked in the preschool system long enough to truly know that this is not where I want to be anymore. I’ve worked at my current job for about four years now, which is three years longer than I expected to be here.

But then things happen…you get in a relationship, and start focusing on that instead of trying to find a different job. You focus on your creativity, and trying to find a way to make money off of it. Then before you know it, you’ve been at a job for a whole period of time equal to a complete college career, and you’re frustrated and ready to move on.

I will always be grateful that God placed me at my current job in order to get out of my situation in the summer of 2016. It wasn’t a bad situation at all, I was just ready for something different. And the same feeling has come about with where I am now.

God’s been opening so many doors for me though! So many new connections have been made this year, and I’ve been working creatively more now than I have ever been! It’s just the transition period that’s scary. The in-between of I need a stable job with steady income so I can take care of my responsibilities, but also, I’m ready to step out in faith in my creativity.

It’s a difficult thing to contemplate; to feel prepared and unprepared at the same time. To be mentally and emotionally and even physically ready to leave, but know that the tasks you have to handle are still looming in the background.

So, I am praying for liberation.

Literally, that is how I put it to God in a prayer this past weekend as I was getting ready to spend time with my family. I prayed for liberation from the job I currently hold. Because I don’t feel called to it anymore. And regardless of what other people might think or say, I have no doubt in my mind that there is something far greater than this for me.

Let the transitional time of praying, meditating, and waiting begin.

I feel like I’ve been waiting for a while now, but only this year have I truly felt the shift in my spirit that God is moving something in the background. I can’t say exactly what, but I know it’s happening.

If I come back later this year and explain how I quit my job because I’m doing what I love, don’t be surprised about it! It’s coming…

Mishy 🦋💛

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