Some of you may know what the letters in the title of this blog post mean because you’ve been rocking with me on this whole blog for quite some time now. Some of you are newer to reading my posts, and are ready for me to get to the part where I explain what they mean.

Be patient with me.

Because these letters are the ones that truly jump-started a purpose within me that the Lord placed in my heart from the beginning, I was just blind to it until the words were spoken. And even when I understood the assignment, I got lost, distracted…I desired to be and look like others because it seemed like being myself wasn’t enough. And even though people admired who I was, I still wanted to see for myself.

This Christmas, I received a journal from my mother that was covered in stars and planets, and read, “Remember Why You Started.” It’s honestly so beautiful how something so simple can trigger the start of something you’ve already begun.

For those who don’t know, “JSW” stands for “Just Start Writing.” It wasn’t just a hashtag I used in some of my blog posts, it was a way of life for me in the summer of 2016. It was a whole website and, more importantly, a community of writers that I created because I desired for there to be a space for those “timid” writers to get their work out there. It was a “write every day” blog series here on this very website.

And as I wrote in this new journal from my mom, I realized that this whole year, I’d strayed from the whole reason why I started. I got distracted from my purpose. I was moving for attention, and not with intention.

So, starting in 2022 (maybe even before then, to be honest, because I need the practice!) I’m going back to the Just Start Writing life. Which means, I’ll be blogging here EVERY SINGLE DAY except for on Sundays, because I still need a day of rest. Some blogs will just be about things I noticed in my life, others will have more specific topics like fashion, music, Scripture, etc.

I hope you’re ready, because I definitely am! I’m ready to step all the way into my purpose, and leave all the distractions behind!

What’s something that’s sparked inspiration within you recently? Did it make you reminisce of a specific time that you loved? What are your intentions for the new year? What are the distractions you need to leave behind?

Mishy šŸ¦‹

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