not as planned.

Do you know what I had planned this afternoon?

After work, I was going to model for a friend’s brand, hit the gym, do the dishes (like I said I was going to for the past week), eat some dinner, and have a chill night. But instead, I spent most of the afternoon playing video games with my boyfriend, and just relaxing (I did to the dishes first though. Priorities, guys!). And it was honestly what I really needed versus doing a whole bunch of other things, which I’m used to doing.

I’m used to hopping from one thing to the next, and being on a tight schedule to get things done. But I always need someone in my life to slow me down, to get me to sit down, and just enjoy the present moment. And I’m grateful that Cadarius could do that for me today!

Honestly, I used to feel bad when my original plans would be thwarted by inconveniences or unexpected circumstances. I would feel guilty that I didn’t finish what was scheduled, and might even be so restless that I couldn’t sleep at night. That was anxiety telling me I wasn’t worthy enough to rest, or do something fun instead of the work I felt I was responsible for.

But now I can tell a difference; I feel so much better when the plans I originally had don’t happen, and I’m able to spontaneously come up with something else to do on the spot. Or maybe I’m able to rearrange things in a better way than how they were planned before. I’m finding more peace in going with the flow than I am fighting to go against it, and it’s a beautiful thing to see as I get older.

I hope today, tomorrow, or the next day, your plans get thwarted. I hope you find yourself doing something you didn’t expect to do, and you enjoy it to the fullest. I hope you find yourself smiling in the present moment, grateful for the inconveniences and unexpected circumstances.

Mishy πŸ¦‹

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