the journaling compendium (tjc), day 1: energy.

I know, I know, I know…

I started off this month on the wrong foot, didn’t I? Didn’t blog or NOTHING yesterday! πŸ˜… But I’m here today, on 2/2/22, ready to get into these prompts from The Journaline Compendium by Amie McNee!

Day 1: “What takes energy out? What brings energy in?”

McNee suggests to focus on the “energy out” portion of the question first, so, something that takes away my energy honestly, is my job. While some days and even weeks can go by quickly, it’s due to the events of the days and weeks, which are what cause me to lose all the energy. Plus, I’m dealing with two-year-old children whose energy levels are off the charts compared to mine that depend on caffeine sometimes to stay on high alert.

Can I do less of it in my life? Well, not necessarily in the present moment, but this school year I have committed to working less hours so I could focus and even work elsewhere. Having a part-time job that has virtually nothing to do with children with duties that are different from my main job helps. It keeps me from burning completely out, like I was close to doing last year. I am aiming to do less of it, though!

I know I write about my job a lot, and I’m doing my best to see the good in it while I’m in it, but I’m just being honest here…it’s energy draining πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

Something else that drains my energy is undone chores in the apartment. Even now as I sit at work, thinking about seeing the dirty dishes in the sink, and the clutter in the bedroom is causing my energy to fade. When I actually start on these tasks, though, I feel the energy coming back to me because the space around me is clearing up!

Another thing that I can think of that drains my energy is constant scrolling through social media. After taking my one-month social media hiatus last November, I realized how much time I was wasting on endless scrolling, and how many things I put off because I was too focused on it. I’d claim that I was “looking for inspiration” when in reality, it was mindless scrolling for “entertainment,” which sometimes turned into feelings of inadequacy, insecurity, and ungratefulness. So, I do my best to be more intentional with my social media time! I go there to do what I need to do (post, answer messages, etc.) then leave!

As for what brings energy in, comfortable activities do this. I define “comfortable activities” as familiar things that bring me comfort and joy, such as watching Criminal Minds episodes, playing a video game, organizing my creative calendar. While creating is fun, sometimes the thought process of bringing about the creativity can be draining. Like figuring out a way to set things up, what to wear, what to say or write…thinking of doing all these things can be draining. But once I really put the action in, my energy beings to replenish.

Why is that? Why do some of the thoughts of actions drain me, yet doing the actual tasks give me energy? Maybe it’s a mindset thing; because I think of doing my chores as draining, I’m dreading doing them, therefore, the dread drains me. But if I were to change my mindset and think, Yay, I get to clear my space therefore, clear my head! then the thought of the tasks and the actual tasks will be more enjoyable, I believe!

Now, it’s your turn! Tell me in the comments what drains your energy, and what gives you energy?

Mishy πŸ¦‹

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