bloganuary: stars. (+ end of january thoughts)

The last Bloganuary prompt for the year: How do you feel when you look at the stars?

I feel nothing but love when I look at the stars. I think back to the time my love and I stayed up to see a meteor shower. Honestly, I couldn’t tell you if we saw what we were supposed to see since we weren’t out in a dark field. But it was the thought that he was willing to wait up with me to see something I truly wanted to see; that’s what continues to grow my love for the stars.

Something else I feel is a sense of eternity. To think that the Earth is a planet in one solar system in one galaxy, and that there are TONS of galaxies of stars out there is just a lot for my mind to comprehend. It makes the things I go through in life seem vastly small. I know that God cares for them still, but to think what could be happening in space even now as I write this is just amazing. Stars are exploding…are some being created too? Black holes are appearing, and sucking in stars and maybe even other moons and planets. It’s all so much to think about!

While I only joined this challenge at the tail end of it, I’m grateful to be motivated to write about specific topics, and not just the thoughts from my every day life! I recently received a book from one of my favorite authors/creatives Amie McNee that has thirty-one prompts I could go through! I’m excited to start reading and writing through it!

January is ending, and February is upon us! Other than new writing material, one of my goals is to be more present, and not wish time away, or pray for a specific time to come, because while we are alive right now, we are not guaranteed tomorrow!

As this month closes out, and a new one begins, what are some challenges you’re creating for yourself? What sort of practices are you wanting to put into practice as you welcome February?

Mishy 🦋

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