REVIEW: “All of Us are Dead” (Netflix).

Image credit: Yang Hae-sung/Netflix

Tonight, Cadarius and I finished watching this Korean drama called All of Us are Dead, and while it was a GREAT show, I was so mad at the end of it.

The gist of this show is this: it’s another zombie apocalypse show. But it does something that I haven’t seen other zombie apocalypse shows do: it discusses the true origin of the zombie disease in depth, and the reason for its origin. It’s also based in a high school in the city of Hyosan, where the main characters are different juniors and seniors from the school. Other main characters include adults, such as the parents of the students, and people from the police force and military who are trying to handle the pandemic.

We tried to watch it the same way we watched Squid Game…dubbed (I know, I know, don’t hurt us, okay?!). But in the middle of the first episode, we chose to switch back to subbed, and watch it in the original language it was meant to be watched in (Korean). Honestly, I feel like I enjoyed that more, and I wish we would have done it for Squid Game too.

My favorite character is Lee Cheong-san, a boy who spends most of his time with his next-door neighbor and childhood friend Nam On-jo, a girl whom he has the biggest crush on 😍 He always shows bravery throughout the entire season, and of course, his feelings for On-jo can be easily seen as he protects her from the zombies!

Another great character is Lee Su-hyeok, a popular athlete who used to be a bully, but decided to do better in order to win the heart of their class president, Choi Nam-ra, another main character. There are plenty of other main characters, and of course, I don’t want to say too much because I don’t want to spoil it for any of you who desire to watch it!

Characters from left to right: Choi Nam-ra, Lee Su-hyeok, Lee Cheong-san, and Nam On-jo (Credit: Netflix)

But I say it’s worth watching, even though the theme of a zombie apocalypse has, in my opinion, been played out since The Walking Dead aired. It has some great concepts and themes to make you think, such as bullying, courage, and what it means to be a hero. I also like the direction they took within each of the different groups of storylines. I hope they’re making a second season though, because the way the last episode ended, I really wanted MORE. I want to know what’s going to happen to the surviving characters πŸ‘€

Now that we’re done with this show, we’re going to need another one to watch together! If y’all have any suggestions (whether it be on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime…), please let me know in the comments!

Have you ever watched a K-Drama? If so, which ones, and which one is your favorite? Do you like zombie apocalypse movies/shows? Which ones, and which is your favorite? Do you watch shows in the language they were created in, or do you have to watch it dubbed?

Mishy πŸ¦‹

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