enough for today.

Today, I’m at peace with knowing that I did all I can with the time that I was given.

It’s easy to get discouraged when you have a to-do list of things to do, but only a couple or a few of the items get accomplished. I’m seeking to do better in being proud of achieving any goal I have set for the day, no matter how big or small! I was even able to see my sister for a little bit, and that was nice 😌

As a new work week begins, let us set attainable goals that we can reach.

While it can be easy to create a long list of tasks for a day, let us try to stick to 2-3 main things in order to not overwhelm ourselves. Let’s prioritize our tasks as well; if something can wait, it won’t hurt to place it on a to-do list later in the week!

And let us give ourselves grace for anything we may not have gotten around to. We are such complex beings with so much going through our minds, and so many things going on in each of our own lives. If the dishes don’t get done when you thought they would, it’s okay!

I hope giving yourself permission to not be perfect at succeeding in everything you have to do encourages you this week!

Mishy 🦋

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