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Last night before bed, I discovered a photographer and model on Instagram that I was SO inspired by! Her name is Kimberly (here’s her Instagram!), and not only is she gorgeous, but her at-home photography sets are too! She has thousands of followers, and has had the privilege of being a SavagexFenty Ambassador, showcasing her amazing talent in modeling and photography!

I bring her up today because as I was scrolling through her feed, I had so many different emotions about what I was seeing…

I felt…inspired

Of course, me as a model and sometimes photographer (of myself lol) when I have to be, it really encourage and motivated me to see her create such elaborate and beautiful sets all within the comfort of her own guest room! I recently set up my own photo backdrop in the second bedroom of the apartment, and I’ve been wondering how I could spice things up once a month came by in which I couldn’t afford to hire a professional photographer for shoots.

Seeing her do it has motivated me. I know it won’t come without investing some sort of money into it, but she allows me to believe that it’s totally possible!

I felt…envy/desire/comparison

I think it’s okay to admit when you’re somewhat envious or jealous of someone or their situation, and I will be honest and say that I was wishing that I could be in her shoes. To have the time to craft such creative sets, sponsor a major brand/label, AND get paid for it? It all seems like a dream! While I don’t want to be known so much for my photography skills as much as my poetry, I was still comparing myself to her, and desiring an occupation like hers!

I felt..fear

Because I was feeling the comparison and longing of this woman’s craft, I was afraid to follow her on Instagram, for fear that I would see an idea of hers, and unintentionally duplicate it later one without giving her proper credit. Because I so heavily dislike plagiarism, or taking credit for work or ideas that are someone else’s, I try to do my best to be careful to stay away from ever possibly copying someone else. So, I was nervous to follow her and keep up with her work, thinking that if I just didn’t see what she was doing, and somehow I ended up matching an idea of hers, it would be a coincidence.


A friend of mine once told me, after we were discussing my dislike of copying or seeing other people copy without naming their inspirations, that if I were to ever see someone “copying” me or somewhat duplicating something I’ve done, I should be flattered. Because if someone was THAT inspired that it made them feel like they could or should do the same thing, isn’t that what creating is about? Encouraging, motivating, and inspiring?

When I think about it, my friend was right. I admittedly still feel some type of way if someone creates an identical idea, and doesn’t give credit to their inspirations, but even if they do or don’t, isn’t art always being recycled anyway since it’s based on the human experience, and we some of us go through similar situations? Even with my poetry, don’t all poets feel the same way at some point, and say the same things, only using different words and analogies? Aren’t we all inspired by someone, or even inspired by each other? Don’t we listen to a song sometimes, and think, “Hmm, this song sounds like [insert well-known musician here]!”

Because of that conversation, I felt better about following her and supporting her work! And I don’t feel too cringey either when I see work that is similar to mine. And I hope my vulnerability here has allowed other creatives to confront any feelings they may feel in regards to being inspired by or inspiring others!

Mishy 🦋

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