As February is coming to a close, I’ve accepted that my fate in the blogging realm has been not so good this month.

I’ll give myself credit, and say that I put up a good fight, but this month with all it’s constant changing parts definitely shook me in the blogging portion of my brand. But I can also see how I didn’t really focus on other things as well, like my editing services. The old me would have seen these things as major failures, and probably would’ve highly considered throwing in the towel on both blogging and editing (except for my hired editing position with Education Under Construction Consulting).

But now, I see it as an opportunity for growth. With March coming up, I intend to put a little more focus on these areas, reminding my audience of all the things Mishy Writes offers and displays. In some ways, I’m grateful for the slight break because my poetic side has been emphasized more so in these first couple of months in 2022. I feel my true self still being used, and I am here for her!

Balance in what I do is key, and while I’m not perfect at it, while I’m learning it, I find myself catching on in a few areas. And really, can true balance be achieved? I feel like I achieve it for a short moment before other things get in the way, and I find myself focusing on some things more than others.

Every day is a reset, but I’m grateful that a new month is approaching as well to reset in this way too!

What are some things you in your life that you seek to balance as a new month approaches? Do you think it’s possible to be fully balanced for a long period of time in life?

Mishy 🦋

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