sign of spring.

Man, days like today are always so beautiful, but they’re also painful. Because even though the weather was in the 60s and felt like low 70s, it was such a tease since winter still isn’t technically over.

I’m grateful for days like today with the sun shining, the weather a perfect climate so that I can leave my door open in my apartment for a little bit to let some fresh air in. I’m trying to be hopeful that these kind of days will be more consistent soon. That even when the rain comes back and brings a cold front with it, it’ll be a couple more days before the sun is back out, and the warmth is enveloping us once again!

One reason I’m tired of the cold is, well, COLDS. It seems I might have come down with something AGAIN, and the fact that this is happening it feels like so soon after I feel like I just got better from the last cold or sinus infection that I had is ridiculous.

I could also fault the kids that I take care of at school, or really, their parents for not keeping them home despite their noses being green, but let me just NOT go there before I get frustrated 🙃

Anywho, I’m typing this from my bed because as soon as this is posted, I’m headed to dreamland so maybe I can shake whatever I’ve got. And I’ll be praying for more sunny days like today. More signs of spring. I truly cannot wait 😭

What’s your favorite season and why?

Mishy 🦋

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