Objects Tell Tales – An Introduction

I’ve actually wanted to write this for a while now, but I keep forgetting to. This idea came into my mind when I was taking a nonfiction class my last semester of college, and was trying to come up with a final project topic. Now, because I didn’t utilize it, I can blog about it. YAY!

I think it’s interesting how objects can tell tales.

Like, why do you think I’m such a hoarder, and don’t want to give anything away? I’m way too sentimental. I’ll find a dark green, barely-still-together feather under my bed, and have second thoughts about throwing it away because it reminds me of the leprechaun green feather boas my friends and I wore when we walked around downtown Savannah during the St. Patrick’s Day parade in middle school.

We also “smoked” fake cigarettes. I don’t think I ever admitted that until now. I promise they were fake; you didn’t even have to inhale. They just smoked on their own on the end. I know, it doesn’t make it right, and it doesn’t even make sense when I type it. I apologize, alright? Man, the things they sell in Savannah during St. Patrick’s Day…

Anyways, back to objects telling tales!

I’m too sentimental, so whenever I tell myself, This is the weekend; I WILL clean out all my junk from high school and college because I DON’T NEED MOST OF IT, I totally back out of it. Because I know when I start looking through that stuff, all the memories will come back. I’ll start to get all weepy and teary-eyed, and want to go through old high school yearbooks, and Facebook photos from sophomore year.

But there are particular objects we would never throw out; like antiques, china passed down from one generation of a family to the next…

And all this thinking came from me wanting to write about a few objects I own – my jewelry. Well, it specifically began with the rings I always wear, and then I realized that the necklaces I wear also have stories to tell. Memories are attached to these things.

I understand that things come and go. They break down, wear out; we can’t take them with us when we die. But it still fascinates me how something non-living can still hold so much meaning to life.

So the next few blog posts are each going to be about one piece of jewelry I own, and the story behind it. Because, well, these objects are important to me, and have sentimental value (WAY more than a leprechaun green boa lol), and the stories and memories attached to them are just so rich.

This was just an intro; a teaser. Now you’ll have to read the next blog post to get a taste of what I’m talking about. Is this what musicians feel like when they drop a single from their newest album? If so…MWAHAHA.

So, if you’re curious, you’ll have to stay tuned. First post of this “Objects Tell Tales” series drops TOMORROW.

I’m S T O K E D.


…and for this post, and the next several ones…


❤ Mishy

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