3 Pictures Worth More than 3,000 Words

Last night on the cot in the little sister’s room. It’s pretty comfy in here.

I am lying here ready to pass out because I’ve had such a full and fun weekend, and I need to rest up for work tomorrow. But I missed another post yesterday, and figured I should try to write a little something tonight for you guys.

Or maybe I’ll just show tonight because I’m that tired. Cause guess what? I have pictures! Not many, okay, but it’s a start…

My writing buddy Rachel & I at Jazz on the Overlook
Donut dates with Rachel & Eliza
My friend Pierce and I

These are only a few of the wonderful friends I got to spend time with this weekend. I’m so grateful for all of my friends; each one brings something different to the table – talking about writing, jamming to music, or scheming about the future. Each one a blessing in his or her own way.

I was seriously gonna try to write more, but I’ve fallen asleep three times while trying to post this soooo I’m guessing that’s a sign for me to go to bed haha.


❤ Mishy

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