#FromtheDrafts – A Summer on Tybee Island is…

I could’t even last one week without posting something else about summer. And it’s fall. And my Real Friends hoodie arrived in the mail today (which means I get to wear it on my flight to Indiana on Monday, yeeeessss).


But I actually wrote this I think in the middle of June or July, while experiencing my first summer on Tybee Island. These are things that defined my summer…

  • Having bug spray and spray-on sunscreen as your perfume because you’d rather be somewhat protected by bugs than have your legs suffer enough mosquito/sand gnat abuse + not be sunburned (there was a debate this summer on whether or not colored people get sunburned. I think we can. My sister doesn’t think we can.)
  • Taking beautiful videos/pictures of bike riding on the beach, viewers unaware that you, the videographer, are sweating waterfalls because it’s TOO DANG HOT OUT HERE.


  • Wearing your hair down to have that wavy, beachy, mermaid look, despite the fact that in reality, the volume of your hair is increasing by the minute. (not to mention, I’d throw it up in a ponytail or bun after being outside for thirty minutes. Humidity out here is RIDICULOUS.)
  • Going to your favorite coffee shop twice in one day – once as a mother/daughter date, the second time for a business meeting. (This happened often in the beginning of my summer. Then I started taking myself there many, many, many times…not in one day though! I promise…)
  • dsc_0100
  • Standing outside for 10-15 minutes, and accruing some sort of tan line from either your flip flops or your shorts (or your tank top, or even your sunglasses)
  • Never wearing t-shirts because covering your body more than needed could result in heat stroke (tank tops are my best friend)
  • Knowing full well that, even though YOU think you smell like beach heaven/island breeze/sweet sun from being outside at the beach for an extended period of time, to everybody else, you probably just smell like that bad outside smell. (so tragic. if I could entrap that perfect beach smell in a bottle, that’d be great. None of that artificial ocean breeze stuff.)
  • Constantly smelling sunscreen in the air. (No joke, there was one day I was riding my bike around, and it smelled like sunscreen throughout my entire neighborhood. I personally love the smell of sunscreen. Others, not so much haha)
  • Waving at everyone you pass, no matter what. (It’s just something we do on the island. Sometimes I don’t do it, but now, especially when I’m riding my bike, I get in the habit of waving to people whether they’re in cars, on bikes, or walking around. I get a 50/50 chance of getting waved back to.)
  • Living at home during the week. Living at the bestie’s house during the weekends. (I MISS THIS SO MUCH. Even though I love my island, it was always nice to get away on the weekends to Bria’s house and explore the other parts of Savannah together. Or we would just…)
  • …have Bible study, deep conversations, tea, and cartoons all before noon, and all in PJ’s. (I MISS MY BEST FRIEND, Y’ALL.  These were some great times. I need these things back in my life.)
  • Taking road trips out-of-town every few weeks for weddings, parties, concerts, and visits. (this summer I had some of the best road trips. And I still road trip every now and then…)
  • Making trips to the bestie’s house every Tuesday evening for Facebook livestreams of Kicks and Skittles question threads. (GUYS. I miss doing stuff for Kicks and Skittles. Bria and I talked about me doing my own thing on the side while she was gone, but it’s just not the same. I’ll have to talk to her about still doing it, and Skyping her in or something. There has to be a way. We coulda thrived on that lol.)
  • Using my ceiling fan as a drying rack. (No lie though…gotta be creative when you’ve got limited space!)
  • dsc_0174


Okay, I think that’s enough reminiscing on summer days. It’s starting to make me sad a little bit haha. Great to reminisce on the then, still gotta stay focused on the now.

What were some of your favorite memories this past summer?

#JustStartWriting #FromtheDrafts

❤ Mishy

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