While I’ve been trying to get my room back together, I was thinking about what I would write tonight. After my little writer’s freak-out yesterday, I wasn’t sure if I’d have anything to say today.

But, lo and behold, the Lord allowed me to remember a little something I used to do back when I was just starting to blog during my sophomore year of college.

It’s a little thing I call “Sweet Tea” posts. It has nothing to do with sweet tea, but they were these little random posts that had categories like the latest thing I was wearing, or what I was listening to lately, or what I was reading in the Bible. I would write these posts every once in a while to give my readers a little update on what was happening with me, and it was kind of nice to throw this post up when I hadn’t blogged in a while.

They’re called “Sweet Tea” posts just because I like sweet tea. You can find the rest of the Sweet Tea posts if you scroll down on my blog, and on the right-side you’ll see the list of categories. Sweet Tea should be one of them. Click on that, and all the Sweet Tea posts form the past will be there!

But I’ll write a Sweet Teat post tonight for you guys! Yaaay for throwbacks!

It looks like the last Sweet Tea post I wrote was in February 2015…OVER A YEAR AGO! That’s insane…

My Life

Overall, life is good. I’m working, going to church, writing and reading a lot, and spending some time with my family. I’ve also been traveling a lot, mostly back to Chattanooga to see most of my friends.

I’ve been trying to do better at keeping up with people, and I seem to be doing okay. Everyone’s got their own type of busy going on, so I understand that not everyone can send a text back or whatever. Such is life.

Currently trying to keep up with #JSW, and also look for jobs and places to live for when my internship is over. Praying about it too because I need some major guidance.


Well, you can always hit up my latest jams in The Latest Jams tab. That’s mostly what I’ve been listening to these days PLUS a lot of Pierce the Veil BECAUSE I GET TO SEE THEM LIVE THIS FRIDAY WITH MY SISTER, IT’S GOING TO BE AMAZING.

I normally do the top 5 songs/albums I’ve been listening to, so I’ll do that really quick, just without my long explanations of why I’m listening to it a lot…

  1. Misadventures by Pierce the Veil. 
  2. All Have Fallen by ELHAE. 
  3. “Cold Water” by Major Lazer, feat. Justin Bieber and MO
  4. “Don’t” originally by Bryson Tiller (I’ve also been jammin’ Will Singe’s cover of it <3)
  5. All things Kehlani. (cause she’s been KILLIN’ THA GAAAAME)

The Word

I’m going to be 100% honest with you all…I’ve been struggling so hard with trying to have my quiet time recently.

During the summer, I’d do it in the mornings for a couple of hours, but that was when I didn’t have to work until 10am. Nowadays, I’m working at 8am, which is the crack of dawn compared to 10am. I’m not complaining, but it is so difficult to try to read my Bible that early in the morning, and have my complete attention on what I’m reading.

So, I really need to try to do it at night. Maybe I’ll make it a habit to do it before I blog. Gotta have my priorities straight.

But I’m still going through the Gospels. I read a couple or a few Psalms, and the Proverb of the day. And I’ve been reading My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers too.


My threads have been less exciting since summer is over, and I’ve switched jobs. Although, I have been having fun being business casual. It kind of reminds of working in the library in college, only I wear heels way more now than I did then.

And I’m still kind of wearing my summer wardrobe because fall won’t come to Savannah until right before Thanksgiving maybeeeee…


I’ve been writing letters to some friends plus working on some little crafts I’m going to give as gifts. 🙂

What I’m Watching

If you look at my Netflix account, you’ll see that in my “Continue Watching…” section, I have One Tree HillCriminal MindsBob’s Burgers, and CSI:NY all lined up, ready for me to finish them. I’m also still in the middle of watching Bones with Mom, because we’re never able to watch as many episodes like we used to when I was working at home this summer.

But I think I may finish One Tree Hill first before anything else? I really should have finished Criminal Minds since I think that’s coming back soon? Or maybe it’s already on TV now? I’m so behind, I don’t even know…


Here&Now I am…sitting on turquoise bean bag, writing this blog without wearing my glasses (hoping there are not typos haha). My hair is up in a ponytail because my room is extremely warm for some reason, and I’m waiting for my laundry to dry so I can put the last of it in the dryer, and then take a shower before going to bed for work tomorrow.

Wow. I kinda missed Sweet Tea posts.



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