“hills and valleys,” part 4

We cannot worry,

For the change is bound to happen,

And worrying about it will not

Hinder it,

Stop it,

Or make the change easier.

We must simply,

Be ready.

Live your life

One day at a time.

Be grateful for

Where you are,

Who you have,

And embrace it all.

And when that change does come,

And it will,

Don’t sweat it.

Let it happen.

As it happens, whether it be good or bad,

Just breathe.

Ask the Lord to hold you through it,

And ride it out.

Because the change

Will soon become

Your normal.

And the cycle will continue as so.

~ the entire “hills and valleys” poem was written Monday, January 23, 2017, during Extended Care nap time, 3:17 p.m.




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