on growing and learning

There’s a time in life when you gotta start doing things without the advice and guidance of someone else. We can’t always depend upon the experiences and choices of others to make our own path. Every once in a while it’s fine but I feel like you’re always searching for someone to give you the “okay” when you need to make the decisions yourself sometimes. 

I used to make excuses

Just like you. 

I pray I’ve grown out of it. 

I pray that, right now, I’m doing all I can

To move forward. 

To be better than I was this time last year,

This time six months ago,

This time last week. 
If I didn’t know how to do something,

I’d simply just let it go. 

Push the responsibility off of myself and

Onto someone else. 

Young, ignorant mind. 

I used to be mad at my parents for pushing me

To do things I needed to do. 
But now I see why. 

You gotta learn how to be self-motivated enough

Because there isn’t gonna be anyone tellin you what you need to do everyday. 

I feel like not knowing stuff is sometimes used as an excuse to 

Not do things. 

But life is about constantly learning. 


There’s never really a point in life when

You know everything or

Fully understand everything anyway.

So why stay in the dark?

Keep learning. 

Keep growing. 

Stop living for someone else because

That’s their job, not yours. 

You have your own life to live.

💙 Mishy 🦋

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