moving angst.

I’m anxious and eager.
I feel like my sleep patterns are being

Thrown off because

I can’t wait.

I can’t wait to

Be in a new space.

Move to a new place.

Start a new chapter with

New faces.

The past couple of months have proven well although

I’ve settled but haven’t fully


Honestly, I’ve always felt sort of like

I’m in limbo,

Crouching, waiting to jump,

Eyes tightly closed shut,

Ready for something new to

Sweep me off my feet.

And now that the process has begun

My eagerness has turned excited,

…but I’m somehow a bit anxious.

For with a new space and

A new place and

New faces comes


Routines uprooted to make space for new ones.

With new people come new personalities and

Ways of living and

Ways to handle things that

I need to learn and understand

How to live with.

It will be good, and I know it. 

Moving just has me feeling


For my current state will soon be

A past state.

Oh, change.


💙 Mishy 🦋

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