I Want to Meet Kehlani but…

Well! I’m all moved into my new place! Yaaay, super exciting!

I think it’s still going to take a week or so to get adjusted to living here, honestly. Not that it’s not welcoming or nice – it’s both of those things. And my roommates are awesome, and so sweet. But I just feel like I’m in the way for now because I’m not used to it yet.

With that little update, onto my real thoughts for the day…

I’ve been itching to get these VIP tickets to Kehlani’s SWEETSEXYSAVAGE tour. I wanted to go to the Atlanta date since it’s on a Friday, and I could just stay with my family for the weekend. I told myself to just save money aside from my paychecks, and once I got it all saved, I’d buy my tickets.

But since she’s starting tour today, a lot of people are starting to but tickets to her shows, and a lot of the cities are starting to be sold out. So I’ve been getting nervous and antsy, thinking that I won’t be able to get my tickets, and naturally, I had to check. And…

…the standard VIP tickets were sold out. I was crushed. Totally disappointed.

Like, I truly want to meet this beautiful soul of a person. Her music got me through some rough times at the end of 2016. And as soon as SWEETSEXYSAVAGE was downloaded onto my phone (thanks to pre-order!), and I listened to the entire thing in one sitting, I knew that I wanted to see this human face-to-face, and tell her just how much her songs resonated with me and my story. How much her words made me cry tears of joy, and tears of pain as I connected with the emotions she portrayed through her lyrics. And now, it truly may not happen.

Now, there are still Gold VIP packages left. But man oh man, as a novice adult who just moved into a new apartment, and is going to have to start paying rent (and is still paying student loans), I truly don’t know if I’m going to be able to afford it. Or if it’s even a wise decision for me to drop all that money on concert tickets and meet-and-greet.

But I guess I was a little surprised that I didn’t get extremely upset or angry about the VIPs being sold out. Sure, I was salty. But I began to think of all the things that that money could go toward, not even thinking about rent and loans (although, I do keep them in mind, yes, don’t worry).

For instance, my best friend recently told me she is personally planning a trip to Hawaii this summer, and she invited me to come along. And you and I both know that’s not going to be cheap. But I told her that I’d save up for it because, um, hello? Hawaii? With my best friend? This shouldn’t even be a question.

Not to mention, I’m already going to a concert in March (my first one of 2017, actually!). I’ll be seeing William Singe, Alex Aiono, and SodTp in Nashville for spring break. So I have that to look forward to for sure!

Do I want to give up a chance to see and possibly meet Kehlani? Of course not. But I’ve got more things to think about. Responsibilities. Other options to consider.

Yeah, it’ll definitely  hurt a little if I can’t go to the SWEETSEXYSAVAGE tour. Yes, I’ll feel like I’ll be missing out on something, because I will be. But, Lord-willing, this won’t be my only chance to see Kehlani in concert, or get the chance to meet her.

I honestly felt the Holy Spirit tell me, in that moment as I sat with my phone in my hand, the OUT OF STOCK words glaring at me, to just be still. To rest. To not worry about it. To save up my money and continue to pray about it, and once the time came, I would make a wise decision based on my saving and my prayers.

If it’s meant to happen, then it will happen. And if it wasn’t meant to be, then it won’t. And I’m honestly at peace spending my money either on a concert, or on being with my best friend. Both are adventures that I’d be more than happy to embark on. Both with the potential to inspire.

There was really no lesson or anything with all of this. Just some thoughts that maybe you could relate to…

Have you ever been disappointed when things didn’t go your way?

Did you have to compromise something in order to get the results you wanted? Or maybe even be responsible, and not get what you wanted?

Have you ever stopped to really think about where you stood in a certain situation, and came to terms and to peace with something you were initially unwilling to let go of?

I think this post basically just covered all those questions. And I hope that, if you ever find yourself in a position such as this one – be it a concert or a trip or maybe an even more difficult decision – I pray that you would just rest and not stress. Do what you can with what you have. And be at peace with whatever outcome happens.



💙 Mishy 🦋

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