8 Things I’ve Learned in the 3 Months I’ve Lived in Chattanooga

Sorry that there’s only eight things this month. I truly couldn’t think of anything else that I learned!

  1. Two tablespoons (I think…or maybe it’s a shot) of apple cider vinegar will build up your immune system. A vegan doctor trick brought to you by my friend Pierce after I mentioned I’d gotten sick twice in less than 2 months after starting work at the preschool. Paula also added that it’s good for your skin and hair. “Don’t miscount it,” she says.
  2. Put a piece of bread on top of your brown sugar container…and the brown sugar will absorb all the moisture from the bread. The bread will be very dry, but your brown sugar will remain soft and fluffy! Knowledge from Paula.
  3. Apparently, the people who work the drive-thru windows at fast food places can hear EVERYTHING from the people who are driving through. Thought they couldn’t hear you mutter under your breath that they can’t get your order right? Well, think again. A tip from Jessica.
  4. “Coffee is a fruit.” A quote from Zach Jones, although he told me to look it up before I just blatantly used this information as fact. I sort of read about it on this poster thing at Starbucks, and I took a picture of it so you could read it too…(well, some of it’s blurry, sorry!)
  5. It is impossible for me to finish a half gallon of milk before the expiration date rolls around. I seriously would have thought I could do this. And it doesn’t matter what kind of milk it is either – 2%, whole, chocolate, I normally end up pouring some amount of the expired milk down the drain. I won’t even explain how much milk and money I’ve wasted. I should just stop buying milk, but as I type this, I currently have a half gallon of 2% in the fridge. Let’s see how this one goes…
  6. Essential oils are your friend. I am hopefully buying a diffuser for them because they’re good for your overall health, and hellothey make your room smell good too!
  7. It’s okay to just say no. I am a social butterfly, but even I need my weekends of peace without having a hangout planned or a mini road trip. Me time is crucial to survival.
  8. Sacrifices must be made. I am interested in a lot, and there are a lot of things I want to do, either coming up soon or in the near future. But unfortunately, I can’t do it all because I don’t have the money to do it all. And I’m learning to be okay with sacrifices that need to be made.


💙 Mishy 🦋

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