Every Sunday it seems
I tweet a special thanks
To those who have stuck by me,
To those who have always encouraged and uplifted me,
To those who have taken the time to read the words I’ve thoughtfully written out.
To those who ride for me,
And, if they had to, would choose to die for me.
To family and friends who have always
Loved me for me.
Despite the mess I can be
At times.
I do this because there was a time
When I was too focused and
Too worried
About one person’s love for me that
I forgot about all the other love that
Constantly made its presence known in my life by
Being present daily.
I was trying too had to get one person to love me that I
Missed out on all the other people who love me.
Every Sunday it seems
I tweet a “thank you.”
And every time I feel the need or
Think of a loved one or
See a picture of someone I know who loves me
I text them,
Call them,
Tell them I love and miss them
Their love is evident, constant, alive.
It’s what keeps me alive and thriving and
Part of what keeps me surviving this
Crazy cruelness this world can sometimes be.
So here’s a huge “THANK YOU,”
To you from me.


πŸ’™ Mishy πŸ¦‹

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