vulnerability and me and you.

I was writing a piece tonight (one that I probably won’t share until it’s published, or maybe I won’t share it at all), and as I wrote, I happily drowned in the vulnerability of the moment. I wrote what I was feeling as I was feeling it.

Sometimes I think it can be hard for people to be vulnerable; I know it’s sometimes hard for me to be, especially in my blogging because I know people will read it. Not just strangers, but family members and friends, people who will probably end up texting me later that night or the next day to ask if I’m okay.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the thoughts, and the concern (so, if you’re in my inner circle and have called/texted/messaged me about something I wrote, I love you for it :)). But sometimes I think that people are less willing to be vulnerable for fear of the questions, comments, concerns.

But I will encourage whoever is reading this in regards to being vulnerable (some of you have already seen this on my Snapstory or even on my Twitter):

Being vulnerable can be hard sometimes. Don’t discount vulnerability though. Express what you feel in any way you feel. Let it flow out of you.

Be it through writing, singing, dancing, drawing, whatever it is, let it flow. I wrote in a blog post a month or so back that my writing was about connecting with other people. Which is true, it is, but ultimately, my writing should be about expressing myself, and how I’m feeling, however vulnerable that is. Whether it is praising God, or questioning Him; whether it is in a season of plenty or a season of famine. Expressing some of my vulnerability really allows me to assess how I am feeling.

And the cool thing about being vulnerable is sometimes during that assessment, you can realize that maybe what you’re feeling right now illogical, or maybe you understand that what you’re feeling won’t last forever, even though in the moment, you feel like it may. I think this is a huge reason why I think it’s important to be vulnerable sometimes – to be able to recognize that whatever you’re feeling will pass. But use the present emotion that you’re feeling to create something that is 100% you. Sure, people may have felt the same way as you do, but no one can express it in the same way as you do.

So, I challenge you: the next time an emotion hits you – happy, sad, lonely, stressed out, ecstatic, totally done, etc. – use whatever outlet you want to, and be vulnerable in that moment. Write out the thoughts you’re thinking word for word. Play some chords on an instrument that reflect how you’re feeling. Paint your nails a color that reflects your emotions.

And the ultimate goal isn’t to be vulnerable so you can eventually post it to your blog, or to your YouTube channel, or to even share it with a group of close friends.

The goal is for you to be okay with being vulnerable with yourself.


💙 Mishy 🦋

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