need to let it go.

I write this with a cup of stress-relief tea beside me, and a mind and heart still full of so many things.

In college, I learned that I could feel the stress in my back, as it ached in the same way my heart and mind would when overwhelmed with things, be it school work, family issues, personal problems, etc. It was as if the fear of my heart bursting in my chest was replaced by this physical aching, alerting me to be cautious.

To be watchful. To be in constant prayer.

If I were to be honest with myself I am still feeling out of sorts. I am so thankful it’s the weekend. I’m thankful that I get to do things I’ve been wanting to do for a while. I am in need of such prayer.

But there is something that I really need to do that I’ve had the conviction of doing for a while, especially since I am currently in the process of making my game-plan. I have been feeling particularly distracted recently so…

I need to get off Twitter. So. Badly. For at least two weeks.

Starting this upcoming Monday (April 3), I am going to delete the Twitter app off my phone, because it’s becoming such a huge thing in my life, and I need it to stop. I’ve been constantly checking it, obsessing over it, and I just don’t have the time to do this as I try to work on pursuing my goals along with going to work every day, and sticking with previously made commitments.

I’ve deleted the app off of my phone before during an intense school-work week so I could focus, and I feel like this is just the move I have to make in order for me to get my moves in order.

Even though I won’t be obsessively checking my Twitter every day for the next two weeks, I still plan on posting my YouTube and WordPress links there, but with limited outlets – meaning, only through the public library computers, or the little option on the WordPress app. Or maybe I’ll just post about my latest video or blog on my Instagram instead for these next two weeks.

You may be thinking, Why are you just getting rid of Twitter, and nothing else? It just seems to be the current app that’s grabbed a lot of my attention lately. I find that I’m on it more than anything else, and I’m wasting my time. There are way better things I need to have my attention on right now.

And it may seem crazy to do this now since I’m just starting my YouTube channel, and my blog is connected to my Twitter as well, and I’ve been getting to connect with some awesome people on there recently. Many people would think it’s not a smart move to get rid of one of my main outlets to promote myself. But it’s not about promoting myself – it’s about being obedient to the Lord, and trusting that He’s going to work it all out, whether I’m active on Twitter for the next two weeks or not.

Even though I’ve been trying to avoid all this – making excuses, being in denial that I have a problem – I now know that it is time to surrender. This may seem silly to a lot of you, or maybe even childish that I have to come to terms with myself, and even blog, about releasing a social network. But I guess that’s how convicted I feel about it.

I am just trying to be obedient with where I am, and be a good steward with what I have, and what I’ve been given. And lately, I haven’t been doing a good job with the stewardship part.

I look forward though to the next two weeks, to feel the freedom of being obedient, and to see how the Lord speaks to me now that my attention is off of things less important.


💙 Mishy 🦋

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